Speed Power : Gunbike

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Stage select
At the character select screen, after choosing your character, you can
choose the stages you’ve beat in the screen’s lower right corner. Note: this is character and game level based. So you must first choose
the correct character and level (super ez, ez, normal) to get to a
former level. Each character has a different looking hidden move, so try each one
with all three characters. Hidden Move #1
Hyper Transform Dash
******************** Don’t really know what to call this one, but its nice. Get into bike or rally mode. Accelerate to high speed and transform to
robot. While transforming continue holding the square button and start
executing Street Fighter style fireball moves to get a this hidden move. Hidden Move #2
****** Not sure what this one is named in Japanese either, but its awesome. Get your mech’s rush combo meter up to at least 1 and do a back /
forward / half circle + X. If you do it correctly, your mech will
summon great force guaranteed to do some serious damage. It took 40%
energy from the last boss!