Masters Of The Tera Kasi

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Beat the game with Han Solo in Arcade Mode on medium And you will get the storm trooper. Put your settings on 1round, 30seconds. Hit and run until time runs down. Try this with everyone to get something special but remember it has to be in the arcade, And on medium level. BIG HEAD MODE Hold the select button when a character has been chosen. Release the button when you are about to start the fight. You should now have an overweight head. To Get Mara Jade(Dark Vaders Boss): Put the cursor on TEAM BATTLE MODE,and before you select it,hold the L1,L2,R1,R2 Buttons then press the start button access the mode,The computer should pick all the people for you If you did the code right. TO PLAY AS LORD VADER You must fight through the game on hard or Jedi setting as Luke Skywalker. Upon completion of the game you can play as Lord Vader.