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Hint :

Bonus Track: On any track do the following. At the first ramp do an easy trick – Square, Triangle. At the second ramp do a medium trick – Square, Circle, Triangle. At the third ramp do a hard trick – Square, X, Circle, Triangle. Then finish the race and the bonus track will load. Extreme Moves: These extreme move are performed while jumping with any equipment. Square, Triangle – 50 Points Square, Circle, X – 100 Points Square, Circle, Triangle – 100 Points Square, X, Triangle, Circle – 200 Points Quick Start: When you start any race, tuck and press UP right away. This will make you faster. Special Tricks: Perform these special jumps with the equipment shown. Skateboarding – Triangle, X, Square, Circle Snowboard – Triangle, Square, X, Circle Mountain Bike – X, Square, Triangle, Circle + X, Circle, Square, Triangle Rollarblades – Circle, Square, X, Triangle Unlimited Energy: Hold L1, L2, R1, R2 together as long as wanted to keep your Energy Bar full. Once you let go, your energy level will go down. You can do this code anytime during the game. Your energy level has to be full to first use this code. You should turn off punching. If you do not, the person will keep punching.

Bonus track:

The following tricks must be completed on any course track. For easier
execution, disable the CPU opponents. Perform an easy trick (Square,
Triangle) on the first ramp at the beginning of the course. Increase speed,
then perform a medium trick (Square, Circle, Triangle) on the second ramp.
Perform another medium trick on the third ramp. Finally, perform a hard
trick (Square, X, Triangle, Circle) on the fourth ramp and finish the race.
The Japan bonus track will begin loading. 1.on the first ramp do an easy


Difficulty Code Trick

Easy Square, Triangle Grabs board
Medium 1 Square, Circle, Triangle Kickflip
Medium 2 Square, Circle, Triangle Heelflip
Hard Square, X, Triangle, Circle Front flip
Special Triangle, X, Square, Circle 360 spin

Easy Square, Triangle Grabs board
Medium 1 Square, Circle, Triangle Another grab
Medium 2 Square, Circle, Triangle 360 spin
Hard Square, X, Triangle, Circle Rodeo flip
Special 1 Triangle, Square, X, Circle Front flip
Special 2 Triangle, Circle, X, Square

Mountain bike
Easy Square, Triangle Split
Medium 1 Square, Circle, Triangle 360 spin
Medium 2 Square, Circle, Triangle Back flip
Hard Square, X, Triangle, Circle Tail-whip
Special 1 X, Square, Triangle, Circle Tabletop
Special 2 X, Circle, Square, Triangle Dismount

In-Line Skates
Easy Square, Triangle
Medium 1 Square, Circle, Triangle Air Unity
Medium 2 Square, Circle, Triangle Split
Hard Square, X, Triangle, Circle 360 spin
Special 1 Circle, Square, X, Triangle Front flip
Special 2 X, Triangle, Circle, Square

Trick hints:

A crowd will clap if you successfully complete a trick. Automatic moves that
resemble tricks do not count towards extra points. The difficulty level of a
trick determines the number of points that will be awarded.

Practice the tricks in exhibition mode. Tricks must be done quickly, at full

It is possible to perform multiple tricks if you are at maximum speed with
sufficient height.

Air Walker:

Get some air on any course and keep it until reaching the finish line. Use
some air just before the finish line so you cross while in the air. Your
character will still be in the air after the finish line.

Cheat option:

Enter the options screen and highlight “Controls”. Hold R2 and press Right,
Down, Right, Triangle + X. A sound will confirm correct code entry. A cheat
option will now appear on the main menu.

Max Muscle 80130004 00FF
Max Endurance 8012FE2C 00FF
Max Speed 8012FC54 00FF
Max Reflexes 8012FA7C 00FF
Max Tricks 8012F8A4 00FF
Max Skateboarding 8012F6CC 00FF
Max Inlineskating 8012F4F4 00FF
Max Snowboarding 8012F31C 00FF
Max Mountainbiking 8012F144 00FF
Max Handling (Skate Board) 8012EF6C 00FF
Max Acceleration (Skate Board) 8012ED94 00FF
Max Top Speed (Skate Board) 8012EBBC 00FF
Max Handling (Inline Skates) 8012E9E4 00FF
Max Acceleration (Inline Skates) 8012E80C 00FF
Max Top Speed (Inline Skates) 8012E634 00FF
Max Handling (Snow Board) 8012E45C 00FF
Max Acceleration (Snow Board) 8 012E284 00FF
Max Top Speed (Snow Board) 8012E0AC 00FF
Max Handling (Mountain Bike) 8012DED4 00FF
Max Acceleration (Mountain Bike) 8012DCFC 00FF
Max Top Speed (Mountain Bike) 8012DB24 00FF