Bravo Fencer Musashi

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Hidden introduction segment:

Remain at the opening screen. The game will show the story of how Musashi got there. Immediately after that, a secret segment will appear. These two introduction (both normal and secret) are short and only last about five seconds.

Find missed items and secrets:

After successfully completing the game, allow the credits to end. Press X when the Square Soft logo appears and save the game. Load this saved game file to return and collect missed items and find secrets that were previously missed.

Plant regeneration:

Use the Water Scroll on the plant enemies. Most of the plants in the game will grow into a larger size if watered.

Defeating Skullpion:

Hold R1 until the special is all they way up while having the earth scroll on. Do this while the bucket or rock is hanging above him, and when he is shooting out of his mouth. Note: Dodge his shots before you do anything.

Easy money:

Play a game of cards with Macho. This is very easy, you can simply guess if the next card will be larger in value than the previous card he revealed. It costs 100 Drans per game, and you will double your earnings if you make a correct guess. If you manage to defeat Macho ten times in a row within a single game, your earnings will be 102,400 Drans. After this, Macho will not play with you anymore.

There are 500 Drans Located in Steamwood near the location where you saved Acrobat Sausages. Take the Drans, then exit Steamwood. Return to acquire the Drans again, then repeat.

Start a new game and get to the Spiral Tower to get Lumina. Note: Do not get Lumina yet. On your way up you will encounter three bats that try to attack you by going in a line. Just wait and slash them to get hearts and money. Keep waiting for a group of bats in that area. Keep slashing them as many times as desired.

Hidden second ending:

To view a secret second ending, collect all the action figures, including the special ones. When you have them, complete the game, and wait until after the credits and Squaresoft logo. Hand drawn pictures of the all the characters in the game will appear.

Easy BP gain

Perform the Fusion technique on an enemy but do not press Square. Wait until Fusion returns to gain the BP usually used for the technique.