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Star Wars : Shadow of the Empire

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Cheat :

Control an AT-ST WalkerWhile playing the first level (Battle of Hoth), press and hold 4 + 6 + 8 on the number pad. Hold them for about 5 seconds then cycle thru the veiw modes with TAB until you get the AT-ST. Level SelectAt the level select screen enter this code two letters at a time, holding down the 2 letters for 1 second:RU NO TT* WI TH XI ZO RS*NOTE: Type T then T again then continue to the next set of letters which would be WI and type them as usual by holding the 2 letters (WI) down for 1 second and then continueing to the next set.Max Challenge PointWhen you leave Mos Eisley and enter the Dune Sea, take a 90 degree turn left and go straight. You will see a little square, you will there see that adorable urchin Max (as in “Sam & Max Hit the Road.”)Level SelectEnter a players name as R Testers ROCK.