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Seven Kingdoms

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Embark on an epic journey through the Seven Kingdoms, a thrilling and immersive PC game that will test your strategic skills and cunning wit. As a powerful ruler, you must navigate the treacherous waters of politics, warfare, and diplomacy to secure your place on the throne.

With stunning graphics, intricate storylines, and dynamic gameplay, Seven Kingdoms offers a truly immersive gaming experience. Build and expand your kingdom, forge alliances with other rulers, and engage in epic battles to conquer new territories.

But beware, as danger lurks around every corner. Will you rise to the challenge and claim your rightful place as ruler of the Seven Kingdoms? Or will you fall victim to betrayal and deceit?

The fate of the Seven Kingdoms lies in your hands. Are you ready to take on the ultimate challenge and prove yourself as a true leader? Play Seven Kingdoms now and experience the thrill of power, ambition, and intrigue in this captivating PC game.

Seven Kingdoms Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

Using the cheats will reduce your score to 0 and label you as the cheater that you are 🙂 To enable the cheat mode press “!!!@@@###”, then press any of the following keys: C – Add $1000 to your cash – Add 1000 to your food reservesT – All technological advances and scrolls.M – Reveals map.; – Increase the population in the selected city. The increased population will be a random nationality, so be careful. = – Increase prayer points in select Seat of Power.B – Finish construction of selected building immediately. Z – Toggle on/off fast build mode.U – King is immortal.

Cheat mode:

Type !!!@@@### during game play. The phrase “Cheat Mode Enabled” will
confirm correct code entry. Then, press one of the following keys to
activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Cheat codes may not
be enabled in multiplayer mode.

Effect Key

Immortal king U
Invoke all Greater Beings, advance technology T
Toggle faster building of structures and units Z
Additional 1000 money C
Additional 1000 food
Temporary full map M
Additional 10 population in selected city* ;
Additional 20 spy level ‘
Additional 20 combat level [
Additional 20 skill level ]
Increase prayer points in selected Seat of Power =
Instant construction of select building B

* The increase in population will consist of a random nationality.