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Simpson’s Hit & Run, The

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Special Features
To enter all of these cheats, during gameplay press ESC, and click on options. Hold down [F1] while using the arrow keys to type in the following:

One hit kills the car: Right Right Left Left
Speedometer: Right Right Down Left
Unlimited speed: Left Left Left Left
Invincibility: Right Up Right Up
Fast acceleration: Right Right Right Right
Special cars turn to Lego: Down Down Right Left
Jump in car: Left Left Left Right (press horn)

Some other good things:
Set the date to 25/12/04 for Xmas mode
Set the date to 25/11/04 for Thanksgiving mode
Set the date to 31/10/04 for Halloween mode
Set the date to 04/07/04 for Independance (sometimes doesn’t work)

Hope you enjoy them.

Glitch house
First go to the 3rd level and go to the huge boat in the harbor(c-spanker).Then go around and you should see a house, (Davey Jones Hamper). On the left are 2 crates on top of each other. Jump on the chain rail and then jump behind the crates. Walk in to the wall and your in the glitch house.

Change your clothes
Go inside the school or the Kwik-e-mart and go up to the shirt (with the $ sign above it) and press the Y button then you can buy different cloths such as Homer in his under wear or in a dress.

Lots of money in the beginning
Take a car that is not your own and keep smashing it into a object that can’t be moved. The car should blow up pretty easily emitting a large amount of coins.

Ride A Quad
In the 4th level go to the trailer park. On the side of one of the trailers is a quad. Press the Y button to ride it.