Cave Adventure

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Cheat :

There are 3 separate areas – the wellhouse, stream & cave. You start out in the wellhouse area. Map your own way to the rest of the areas (too many dummy rooms). Wellhouse area:Get saw, axe, plank, bucket. Stream area:Fill bucket with water at stream. Drop plank to cross stream.Get rock, key & torch. Cave area:Tree – Climb tree. get match. climb. Chop tree with axeChasm – Drop plank.Rusty grate – Oil grate.Glass block – Cut glass with diamond. Get chest combination.Chest – Open chest. 56294Barbed wire – Cut wire with saw.Weed – Wear mask. Kill weeds with weedkillerBasilisk – Mirror.Plant – Fill bucket at east/west end of stream. Water plant.Maze – Climb plant. swnsenwnwnwsesenwwessensnne. Climb.Toad – Forget it.Vampire – Crucifix.Werewolf – Load gun with silver bullet. Shoot werewolf.Ogre – Wear ring of invisibility. Don’t try to hurt him. Return to wellhouse area, drop all items, type “score”.