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Force 21

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Step into the world of modern warfare with Force 21, a thrilling PC game that puts you in command of a powerful military force. As a commander of an elite unit, you must strategize and lead your troops to victory in intense tactical battles.

With realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, Force 21 offers a truly immersive gaming experience. From commanding tanks and helicopters to coordinating airstrikes and ground assaults, every decision you make will impact the outcome of the battle.

But be warned, the enemy is cunning and relentless. You must use all of your strategic skills to outmaneuver and outsmart them in order to claim victory on the battlefield.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and prove yourself as a master tactician? Play Force 21 and test your skills in the ultimate battle for supremacy. Victory awaits those who are brave enough to seize it.

Force 21 Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

Tip: Knowledge is power. Use your recon vehicles to probe enemy positions, then engage the opposition with your heavy armor. Tip: Use your weapons’ different ranges to set “kill zones.” Deploy TOW Antitank Guided Missiles to the rear, place tanks a bit forward, sprinkle the area where you wish to engage the enemy with mines, and then let loose when the enemy arrives. It is the synergy of multiple weapon systems simultaneously engaging the enemy that wins battles. Tip: Place your less capable tanks (such as T-72s) on the reverse (that is, opposite) side of the hill from an enemy advance. The enemy won’t be able to see the tanks until they crest the hill, and then the T-72s can pour shells into the enemy at close range–hopefully negating any technological advantage the enemy has. That’s the theory, but it didn’t work too well for the Iraqis at Medina Ridge. Tip: Use the right weapon system for the right job. Helicopters are great tank busters, but are vulnerable to thin-skinned antiair vehicles. Use tanks to clear the antiair vehicles before employing your choppers. The helicopters are also good at popping up from behind ridges (using the Set Helicopter Height option), shooting a couple of missiles, and then diving for cover before the enemy can return fire.Cheats code :amazon = No Trees avatar = Yellow Boxes Around Vehicles, Buildings london = No Clouds hasselhoff = Instant Loss ispy = No Fog of War polytheism = Invincibility for Everyone killenemy = Kill All Enemies grid = Display Grid chessmatch = 100% Radar commanders = Disables Commanders Effects stratperspective = Changes View novictory = Disables Victory Results hurt = Hurts First Vehicle in Present Platoon chillout = Locks Vehicle in Place seattle = Disables Horizon gameoverman = Instant Win

Cheat mode:
Press “Enter” to display an entry prompt, type one of the following
codes, then press “Enter” again to activate the corresponding cheat

Effect Code
Alternate view stratperspective
Center camera on selected unit centermass
Change blue ambient light ambb
Change green ambient light ambg
Change red ambient light ambr
Control the camera’s maximum height maxheight
Control the camera’s maximum pitch maxpitch
Control the camera’s minimum height minheight
Control the camera’s minimum pitch minpitch
Damage first vehicle in present platoon hurt
Disable horizon seattle
Disable the victory check novictory
Disables effects of commanders commanders
Display current RGB ambient light values amb
Display frame rate fps
Displays memory used by sound soundbytes
Exit to windows exit
Farthest distance to draw fog farfog
Farthest to draw objects/terrain farclip
Full radar chessmatch
Identify selected vehicle id
Instant loss hasselhoff
Instant win gameoverman
Kill several enemy units killenemy
List currently selected targets targetlist
Lock vehicle in place chillout
Mark all tanks with yellow triangles neon
Mark your buildings and tanks with
yellow boxes avatar
Nearest distance to draw fog nearfog
Nearest distance to draw objects/terrain nearclip
No textures on tactical map grid
Polluted sky london
Remove trees amazon
Reveal enemy positions ispy
Scale all models to x times original size scalemodel
Set acceleration speed scaleacceleration
Set the blue direction of light dirb
Set the camera height cameraheight
Set the green direction of light dirg
Set travel speed scalespeed
Set turning speed scaleturn
You and opponents are invincible polytheism