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Cheat mode:

Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + X and enter one of the following case and punctuation-sensitive codes during game play:

Result – Code:

Skip level – Been there, done that
View map outside of copter – The map, please
Save ASCII city map in C: – Stop and ask for directions
View ending sequence – Gort
Nuclear explosion self-destruct – Radioactivity
Unlimited fuel – Gas does grow on trees
Invincibility – Shields up
Level select – Warp me to career: (level 0 -30]
Programmer’s wife appears on billboards and movie screens – PAMCAREYGOLDMAN
Return to hanger without chopper – There’s no place like home
Return to helicopter – I love my helicopter
Increased money or ends game – Give me bucks or give me death: [1-50,000]
Start drive-in movies – Lights, Camera, Action!
Large helicopters – Make me big
Camera follows car in city – Out on a Sunday drive
Use megaphone outside of copter with (f6] – (f10] – A megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush

During the game press Ctrl-Alt-X to bring up the cheat
menu. Type in the cheats at the cheat menu to activate
that code.

Actions: Results:

Gas does grow on trees -> Infinite gas
Shields up -> Invinciblity
I love my helicopter -> Go to your copter
The map, please -> Map
Been there, done that -> Completes level
There’s no place like home -> Go back to the hangar
Radioactivity -> Meltdown
superpowermultiply -> Super speed (shift)
I’m the CEO of -> Goto catalog & press
McDonnell Douglas #1-9 for any copter