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Castle of the Winds

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Cheat :

Find your name.cwg file and open it with a hex editor.offset 94 is your hpoffset 96 is your max hpoffset 98 is your manaoffset 9a is your max manaoffset 04f6 is your cash (it works kinda in reverse i.e. 123456 is 563421 cash)*** be careful editing your cash, i had it move one me once, andcorrupted the file***81&85 are your STR, one is current, and one is max82&86 are your INT, one is current, and one is max83&87 are your CON, one is current, and one is max80&84 are your DEX, one is current, and one is maxexperience is at 09e,09f,0a0,0a1 (messing with this can have bad effects)the following have to do with spells, and their cost of mana… you willhave to redo it after every level for best results. if you only do itonce, then when gain a level, the cost of each spell will be normal foryour level, but you will retain all spells. by continuing to redo thesefollowing adjustments every time, the cost should stay at 1 mana forevery spell. offset = new value01b2=0101be=0101d6=0101ca=0101e2=0101ee=0101fa=010206=010212=01021e=01022a=010236=010242=01024e=01025a=010266=010272=01027e=01028a=010296=0102a2=01