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Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

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Various Cheat Codes
createmaps “filename.esp”
Create map image file for Xbox

Add all entries to journal; takes a long time

Show all the towns on full map

Jump 128 units away from current location

getfactionreaction faction ID factionID
Get faction reaction

Show shorthand for most commands

showvars or sv
Show variables

stopcelltest or sct
Stop cell test

testcells or tc
Test cells

testinteriorcells or tic
Test interior cells

testmodels or t3d
Test models

toggleai or ta
Toggle AI

toggleborders or tb
Toggle borders

togglecombatstats or tcs
Toggle combat statistics

togglecollision or tcl
Toggle collisions

togglecollisionboxes or tcb
Toggle collision boxes

togglecollisiongrid or tcg
Toggle collision grid

toggledebugtext or tdt
Toggle debug text

toggledialoguestats or tds
Toggle dialogue statistics

togglefogofwar or tfow
Toggle fog of war

togglefullhelp or tfh
Show ownership and script name

togglegodmode or tgm
Toggle God mode

togglegrid or tg
Toggle grid

togglekillstats or tks
Toggle kill statistics

Toggle load fade

togglemagicstats or tms
Toggle magic statistics

togglemenus or tm
Toggle menus

Toggle scripts

togglestats or tst
Toggle stats

togglesky or ts
Toggle sky

toggletexturestring or tts
Toggle texture string

toggleworld or tw
Toggle world

togglewireframe or twf
Toggle wireframe

Toggle path grid display

Show selected actor’s group members

Show selected actor’s target group members.

showscenegraph or ssg
Show scene graph

Infinite money
First, solve the murder of Ralen Hlallo. When you go to the House of Hlaalu to collect the reward, keep on clicking on the Ralen Hlallo option in the dialogue to collect as many batches of 1000 gold as you like. Do not join the house, simply repeat until you have as much money as desired.

Permanent Bound or Conjured Weapons
First, bind or conjure the desired weapon, then disarm it, so that it’s in your inventory, and drop it. Cast the spell for another weapon, and hold onto it for a few minutes, until it disappears. Then, the weapon that was on the floor will be permanent. This weapon can not be dropped afterwards.

Permanent Spells
Cast any bound spell with a 0 second duration, and it will be permanent.

Money, god mode, and more
setflying 1
Flight mode

setsuperjump 1
Super jumps

setwaterwalking 1
Walk on water

setwaterbreathing 1
Breathe underwater

Set player level

additem gold_100
Add indicated amount of gold

Set maximum fatigue value

Set maximum magic value

Set player health