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Populous 2

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Populous 2 is a classic strategy game that puts players in the role of a deity tasked with shaping the land and guiding their followers to victory. With improved graphics and new features, this sequel takes the original Populous formula to new heights. Players must strategically manipulate the terrain, control their worshippers, and engage in epic battles against rival gods to become the ultimate deity.

The game offers a wide range of spells and abilities to help players achieve their goals, from raising mountains to creating earthquakes. With a dynamic world that reacts to the player’s actions, every decision has a lasting impact on the game world. Populous 2 is a challenging and immersive experience that will test players’ strategic skills and creativity.

Whether you’re a fan of the original Populous or new to the series, Populous 2 offers hours of addictive gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. So grab your mouse and prepare to unleash your godly powers in this exciting and engaging strategy game.

Populous 2 Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

Increased mana:Enter the “World Options” menu selection during game play. Enter ITCHY SCALP as a code and press [Enter]. Return to the game and press M to increase the mana. Allow more power in custom game:Select the “Conquest Game” option, then enter TIOW or any other password that is associated with a level with more power. Select “Cancel”, then choose “Custom Game”. The powers from the conquest game will be available during the custom game. Conquest game level passwords: Level Password 0 DOEGAC 99 HOLLAK 153 TIOW 298 ALLOAK 398 UGWIAB 497 SUAFAK 597 ITABAB 697 NELLAF 757 CCEGAT 855 SIUNAT 954 ISEGAC

Cheat mode: