Sega Ages : Monster World Complete Collection

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Monster World (Master System)

Wonder Boy In Monster World (Master System): Passwords:

L42K2 MO2O4 2YNZZ ZYWJZ FJE3Z CSANL L2WA2 O4U32 22DA3Eight heart containers, fourth Boss defeated, all Legend equipment
A32K2 KO2K2 2ANBZ JS4GK 7YL2Y ISANL L2KA2 P3E32 22TU2Eight heart containers, second Boss defeated, Excalibur
O72K2 MO2K4 2YNBZ JWNBX DJQ2P FSANL L2WA2 O3U32 22TU2Eight heart containers, third Boss defeated, Legend Sword
F72CK L6222 2A222 CK3G2 5SC2B 4222K L2K4K HDE3G 4KUU2Four heart containers, first Boss defeated, Knight Sword

Monster World 2: End

Enter WE5T 0NE 0000 000 as a password to start just before the final Boss with all items and forms.