Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers, The

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Gates of Moria: Level Hint
In the level GATES OF MORIA you have to fight goblins through the path. At the end of the level you have to fight THE WATCHER. The trick is to keep going forward towards him until you can’t go anymore. He will take out his tentacles. They will hit you once. Then, quickly go and cut one of his tentacles. His head will come up from the water. Quickly take out your bow and shoot him once. He will go back into the water. Repeat this step until you kill him.

Weathertop: Level Hint
In the level WEATHERTOP you have to fight the black riders (ringwraiths) before they kill Frodo. If you hit the black riders they will keep blocking. There is a small campfire. Go near it and keep pressing the TRIANGLE button till your stick catches fire. Now go and hit the black riders. They will catch fire and eventually die. A high pitched scream will indicate their death. Once the fire from your stick is gone, go back to the campfire and get fire again (TRIANGLE).

Breached Wall: Level Hint
You will notice that the level HELM’S DEEP: THE BREACHED WALL is very difficult to pass. In the last part of the level the Uruk-Hai bring an explosive cart. The energy of the door that you have to protect will be almost gone. The cart will shoot many explosives. The trick is to go past the cart guards and kill the orc that is operating the explosive cart. After killing him the cart won’t shoot any explosives. Kill the cart guards and destroy the cart. You will complete the level and save the door from being destroyed.

Balin’s Tomb: Level Hint
In the level BALIN’S TOMB there is a secret that will help you kill the goblins. There is a blue moonlight beam coming from the window and shining on Balin’s coffin/casket. You might have heard that goblins weaken in light. Move your player to the coffin/casket, and stand under the moonlight. Goblins will follow you. Once they come close to you, they will also be under the moonlight. They won’t attack you. They will just stand there and growl (in other words they are weakened). Kill them, and this way you won’t lose any life. I found this out by accident.
However, this technique will not work on the cave troll, coming later in the level.

The Deeping Wall: Level Hint
There are 3 parts that you have to complete in the level HELM’S DEEP: THE DEEPING WALL. In all 3 parts there is a GPS on the top-right corner of the screen, which shows the walls of Helm’s Deep. Slowly, red dots will appear on the GPS, which indicate ladders that are being used by the Uruk-Hai. Make your player go to the ladders according to the GPS and kick them off with the CIRCLE button. In each part you have to do this, but it takes longer and becomes harder. So don’t bother about killing Uruk-Hai.
1st part: takes 2 minutes (few orcs)
2nd part: takes 4 minutes (some orcs and fire tipped arrows)
3rd part: takes 5 minutes (many orcs, fire tipped arrows, and explosives)
Gimli is the best player to use for this level. He easily kills the Uruk-Hai with the TRIANGLE button. This gives you more time to kick the ladders off.

Killing Cave Trolls Easily
When you are fighting 1 troll, you can easilly kill him TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE. He’ll hit you a lot with his club, but you will kill him before he kills you and then you can collect his life. But when you are fighting 2 trolls at a time (Fangorn Forest) you will lose a lot of life and die while killing the second troll. You will notice that some combos will not work on trolls. The troll will block them and grab you. You require an upgrade to level 6 with each character in order to do this. Go and purchase ISILDUR’S DELIVERANCE for Aragorn, BALIN’S DELIVERANCE for Gimli, and ELROND’S DELIVERANCE for Legolas. The combo starts with TRIANGLE. Whenever you hit a troll with the TRIANGLE button he wont block it. You should kill both the trolls with TRIANGLE, X, X, TRIANGLE after purchasing the ISILDUR’S and BALIN’S DELIVERANCE. It is easier and you won’t die.

Amon Hen: Level Hint
There are two parts that you have to complete in the level AMON HEN. In the first part you have to kill a number of Uruk-Hai. The number is located on the top-right corner of the screen. The more Uruk-Hai you kill, the number decreases and when it comes to zero, it means that you have completed the first part of the level. In the second part of the level AMON HEN, you have to kill the boss of the Uruk-Hai. He will shoot you 3 times with his bow. After the third shot, he will pause. This pause gives you precious seconds to shoot him back with your bow. You repeat this step once more, and you will make him angry. He then takes out his sword. There are grey rocks around you. Stand in front of them and block with the SQUARE button. The boss will stab the rock. His sword will be stuck in the rock for 10 seconds. Hit him with your sword. Do this all the time around the other rocks until you defeat him. There are other Uruk-Hai to destract you while you are doing this.

Unlocking everything
Photographs and Interviews:
1) Fangorn and Orthanc Production Photos: Beat the level FANGORN FOREST.
2) Rohan and Helm’s Deep Production Photos: Beat the level PLAINS OF ROHAN.
3) The Fellowship of the Ring Production Photos: Beat the level BALIN’S TOMB.
4) Interview of Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn): Reach level 5 upgrade with Aragorn.
5) Interview of Orlando Bloom (Legolas): Reach level 5 upgrade with Legolas.
6) Interview of John Rhys-Davies (Gimli): Reach level 5 upgrade with Gimli.

Secret Level (TOWER OF ORTHANC):
1) For Aragorn: Reach level 10 upgrade with Aragorn.
2) For Legolas: Reach level 10 upgrade with Legolas.
3) For Gimli: Reach level 10 upgrade with Gimli.

Secret Character (Isildur):
1) Beat the level TOWER OF ORTHANC with any character (Aragorn, Legolas, or Gimli) to unlock Isildur and TOWER OF ORTHANIC for Isildur.

Final (Unlock the level SECRET CODES):
Beat the level TOWER OF ORTHANC with Isildur to unlock a level called SECRET CODES. This level is a reward of completing the game. This level is a page showing 6 codes which you can use to make the game play easier.
Firstly, you start a level. Then you pause the game by pressing the START button. Then hold down L1, L2, R1, and R2 and enter the following codes:
1) Always Devastating: Square, Square, Circle, Circle.
2) Small Enemies: Triangle, Triangle, X, X.
3) All Upgrades: Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle.
4) Invulnerable: Triangle, Square, X, Circle.
5) Slo-Mo: Triangle, Circle, X, Square.
6) Infinite Missiles (arrows): Square, Circle, X, Triangle.
Note: After entering one of these codes, the sound of a sword clank will indicate correct code entry.
Note: You can only use these codes only after unlocking the level SECRET CODES.

Weird Glitch
On the level where you have to blow up the explosive carts, at the very end where you have to destroy the last cart, instead of shooting the cart with a arrow or throwing an axe, go up to it and use the move where you hold Triangle and destroy the last cart, and the scene will go on and it will show you with either your sword or axe on fire (for Aragorn and Gimli) and for Legolas his swords will be blue.

When walking aroud (on any level) press start and hold all the shoulder buttons: R1 R2 L1 L2 then press in this order: x down down down.

Easier Defeat Lurtz the Uruk-Hai
First, you must be playing on “Amon Hen” as Gimli(the dwarf). Then, put in all of the Level # skills(which are, in case you don’t know: Circle, right, circle, right. Triangle, up, triangle, up. Square, left, sqare, left. X, X, down, down). Your devistating attack should upgrade to when you use it(press triangle, hold for about 5 seconds, then release)it should set the enemy you use it on fire. Then, when you reach Lurtz, fight him as usual with the projectile axes. When Lurtz throws the bow down and picks up the sword, he’ll start to fight you. Then, lead him over to a statue and hide behind it. When he tries to attack you, his sword should get stuck in the statue. When that happens, use your devastating attack on Lurtz. When your axe hits him, he should catch fire, which will take away most of his health. The rest of the health will be eliminated by the fire, so you hardly have to do anything!

God Mode
Complete Tower of Orthanc using Isildur. After, while playing the game press start then hold down L1, L2, R1, and R2 and enter TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X, CIRCLE.

Boss Walkthrough – Nazgul at Weathertop
1) Your sword is nothing in this level. It does jack so don’t waste your time.

2) But fire does! That torch in your hand burns them, so use it like a sword. Fierce attack until caught on flame. When extinguished, simply attack the fire and it’ll re-kindle itself.

Boss Walkthrough – Lurtz the Urak-Hai in Amon Hen
1) Dodge the arrows being cast right off the bat. When the timing’s right, shoot/throw projectile at him. This part won’t last long.

2) Now your arrows/axes are nothing. Start blocking and try to kill his friend as well. But you’ll notice statues around. Try to get him attacking near one and he gets his sword stuck. Swoop in for the kill. He’ll break free after a bit, then it’s the same. Repeat till death.

Boss Walkthrough – Cave Troll in Balin’s Tomb
1) He’s in, he’s kicking butt, and he’s after you. In the midst of the battle, run up to him. But right as he draws up his mallet, run out fo range. As he drwa it back up, fierce attack and repeat. Eventually you’ll wound him enough to cut to a cinema.

2) Avoid the Troll’s chain he swings by sticking behind the pillars. Eventually they’ll deteriate.

3) As he draws it back, strike. Depending on your character, you can fit in 1 or 3 projectiles. Be on the look out though, an orc will come around up top once in a while. But if your low on health, you can get a nice green potion from him.

Boss Walkthrough – Captain of the Warg Riders
1) After you’ve dispatched the lesser riders, keep parrying. The Captain can’t touch you this way. He might knock you down, but this doesn’t hurt.

2) After a few advances, he reigns up on his hind legs. Time to strike. Slice em up real good, but he comes back up, and with him another Rider. Kill that one and repeat.

Boss Walktrough – The Watcher en route Moria
1) Approach the Wathcher’s tentacles in the water, while parrying constantly. Don’t stop.

2)The ones you blocked will rise up in the air. Size the oppurtunity and chop it right off. But be aware of any other one’s rising up, so block them too.

3) Immediately after the tentacle is cut, the Watcher itself rises above! Use a projectile weapon and repeat till dead.

Max Ammo
While playing the lord of the rings the two towers pause the game and hold R1 R2 L1 L2. While doing this enter x, down, triangle, up.

Get level 2-5 skills
For all the codes you must be playing then go in pause mode. Also for all the codes hold R1, R2, L1, and L2.
For level 2: press circle, right, circle, and right.
For level 3: press Triangle, up, Triangle, and up.
For level 4: press square, left, square, and left.
For level 5: x, x, down, and down.

All UpGrades
First start up a mission, Pause the game, then press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2. Enter: Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle.

Always Devastating
First start up a mission, Pause the game, then press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2. Enter: Square, Square, Circle, Circle.

First start up a mission, Pause the game, then press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2. Enter: Triangle, Cricle, X, Square.

Small Ememies
First start up a mission, Pause the game, then press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2. Enter: Triangle, Triangle, X, X.

Infinite Missles
First start up a mission, Pause the game, then press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2. Enter: Square, Circle, X, Triangle.

Full Health
Pause the game, then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Triangle, Down, X, Up to refill your health.

First start up a mission, Pause the game, then press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2. Enter: Triangle, Square, X, Circle.