PlayStation 2

Chou-jikuu Yousai Macross

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VF-1D Valkyrie
Successfully complete tutorial mode to unlock the VF-1D Valkyrie in story mode.

VF-1A Max’s colors
Earn an “S” rank in the Pine Salad level.

VF-1J Hikaru’s colors
Earn an “S” rank in level P-5.

VF-1J Max’s colors
Successfully complete levels 1 through 5 of Prometheus television version as Max’s VF-1A with an “A” or greater rank.

VF-1J Miria’s colors
Successfully complete the Pine Salad television level as Max’s VF-1J.

VF-1S Fokker’s colors
Successfully complete all levels with an “S” rank.

VF-1S Hikaru’s colors
Earn over eighteen “S” ranks.

VF-1S Max’s colors
Earn over sixteen “S” ranks.

VF-1A Kakizaki’s colors
Successfully complete Prometheus television version.

VF-1A Valkyrie
Successfully complete level P-1 to unlock the VF-1A Valkyrie in story mode.

VF-1A Hikaru’s colors
Successfully complete ARMD-1 movie version.

VF-1J Valkyrie
Successfully complete levels P-3 or A-3 to unlock the VF-1J Valkyrie in story mode.

VF-1S Valkyrie
Successfully complete levels P-10 or A-6 to unlock the VF-1S Valkyrie in story mode.

VT-1 Super Ostrich
Successfully complete all television levels to unlock the VT-1 Super Ostrich in story mode.

VE-1 Elint Seeker
Successfully complete level A-4 to unlock the VE-1 Elint Seeker in story mode.