PlayStation 2

Choro Q

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Go to Renkol’s house and return Radnize’s badge. She can be found in town during the day or at night. Afterwards, go back to Renkol’s house and collect 5K.

Find the Parts Shop in town. After you have gone inside, you can access it in your garage as an “Internet Shop”.

Go to Parts Shop No. 1 (12K banked):
1. Buy “Racing Tires 1”, “Quick Steering” and install them.
2. Sell “Normal Tires” and “Normal Steering”.


Go to the Gapecotch, Beginners Cup (High Speed Oval S), race, and win 2 times.

Go to Parts Shop No. 1 (9K banked):
1. Buy “5-Speed MT” and install it.
2. Sell “3-Speed AT”.


Read your mail, and learn about the Tough Chicks from Barat.

Go into any house 3 times until it becomes nighttime, and then drive up to the northeast corner of Brachy. You will meet the Tough Chicks, and they will challenge you to a race. With all of your upgrades, they will quickly fall behind, as you win the “Signal Grand Prix”.

Read your mail, and learn about Letoba’s Cafe.

Go to Letoba’s Cafe and learn about the “Emperor of the Races”. After you leave, immediately re-enter once or twice to receive lamp parts.

Read your mail, and receive a challenge from Eskan.


Go meet Eskan in the school parking lot in the extreme northwest corner of Brachy. Just as with the Tough Chicks, Eskan will quickly fall behind, and you will have won the “Race against Eskan”.

Go to the Gapecotch, Beginners Cup (High Speed Oval S), and race one more time. You can see the difference in speed that the “5-Speed MT” gives you. You are now ready to start doing other races!

At this point, you should be able to win every race on the first try. You should have 4.5K banked, and have a new goal of getting a “6 Cylinder Engine”. This engine will help you get through a lot of important races. It will cost you 15K, and there is only one way to get your “6 Cylinder Engine”-race!

Go to the Dalniche, Beginners Cup (Trans-Trip S). Race and win 3 times. With the 3 upgrades, this should be very easy (9.9K banked).


Go to the Outpalya, Beginners Cup (Good Old American S). Race and win 3 times.


Go to the Bidampalc, Beginners Cup (Toy Dream Circuit S). Race and win 3 times. You will have unlocked Poqui Town by now (assuming you have driven 45 KQM), and banked 20.7K.


Read your mail, and receive a challenge from Draoga. Also, your performance in the Beginners Cup seems to be getting you some attention, because you also got a job offer!

Go to Batelie’s in the south of Poqui town. During the day, Batelie will ask you to help her plant. If you help her out, you will get 5K. Now, you have enough money for the 5th and final Beginners Cup race! Press the SELECT button to pull up your menu, and return to your garage in Brachy town.

Go to Parts Shop No. 2 (25.7K banked):
1. Buy “6 Cylinder Engine”, “Propeller 1” and install them.
2. Sell “Scooter Engine” (4.4K remaining).


Go to the Conzlart, Beginners Cup (Seaside Paradise S). Race and win 3 times (9.8K banked).

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the Beginners Cup!

Go to the Outpalya, Holiday Cup (Oriental Challenge M). Race and win 3 times (18.8K banked).

After the Oriental Challenge M is defeated by your superior driving skills, it is time to go back into town!

Go to Poqui town, and look around until nightfall. Try finding the Parts Shop in the northeast area, so that you can add it to your “Internet Shop” in your garage. After nightfall, you should drive around the northwestern blocks of Poqui town. There, you will meet Draoga, the leader of the Tough Chicks, and he is not happy. He thinks you are a bully for having raced his younger brother Eskan! Now, he wants to show you what it feels like to lose a race.

Race against Draoga, and show him what racing is all about. With the manual transmission (MT), you should always be in 3rd to 4th gear. You have to be careful in this race, because there are a few areas that can catch you off-guard.

Beat Draoga, and join the Tough Chicks to receive the “Raven” accessory. Select “Back to Garage”, and check your mail. You also can equip the Raven accessory that Draoga provided you, which is a great item for racing.

For the next 2 races, you will need “Racing Tires 2”.

Go to Parts Shop No. 2 (18.8K banked):
1: Sell “Propeller 1”.
2: Buy “Racing Tires 2” and install them.
3: Sell “Racing Tires 1”.


Go to the Gapecotch, Holiday Cup (Uptown Resort S). Race and win 3 times. Two more job offers will have arrived in the mail (19.4K banked).


All that racing around, joining gangs, and shopping may have made you forget your civic duty, so take the reigns of the city and protect and serve! Go to the Brachy Police Station, and talk to Radnize about taking a patrolling job. After running your first patrol, it is time to hit the track again.

Go to the Bidampalc, Holiday Cup (Toy Dream Circuit L). Race and win 3 times (28.4K banked). Nyaky town will become available, and you can read some more mail. It is time to return to the Police Station.


After patrolling for the second month, you should try to do more in town. First, talk to the strange car by the Brachy fountain during the day. Go to Zeltaf’s during the day to play the “Out of control town game”. Then, go to Budnik’s place to play the “Package Collection Game”. After nightfall, go to the Budbach Haunted House that is in the northwest of Poqui town. You will meet Draoga for an initiation. Find the keys, and avoid the zombie-cars! When you leave, drive by the “Hang-out” in the northwest of Poqui to see a cut scene.

Go back to Brachy town at night, and find the strange ChoroQ by the fountain named Mekakarit. He will send you on a whirlwind trip through time. Go inspect the trees on the left of the tree line to find “Angel Wings”. Stop by Letoba’s Cafe and receive “Meter Parts”, which is something you will need later in the game.

The next day, go to the far west of Nyaky town. Go to Shayne’s Pastry Shop, and talk to Shellon. If you agree to deliver for her, it is back to Brachy town for you (use the SELECT menu to shortcut back). Go to Obstuff’s place in the northeast, where his driveway faces east. You will have to go in twice to deliver the cake. Obstuff will pay you for your trouble, and by now you should have banked 31.4K. You can also go talk to Korucho at the Nyaky Police Department and, during the nights, he will give you a few items.

Go to Parts Shops No. 1 and 3:
1. Buy “Propeller 1”, “Long Skis” and install them.


Go to Conzlart, Holiday Cup (Dangerous White S). Race and win 3 times with your new equipment. You can unequip the “Long Skis” and “Propeller 1” at this point.

Advance the month if necessary, but it is important to unlock the 3rd and final police patrol. Finish your patrol for the 3rd month and Radnize will pay you 36K (justice is served!).

Go to Parts Shop No. 3:
1. Buy “6-speed MT”, “Racing Tires 3” and install them.
2. Sell “5-speed MT”.

Race at Conzlart, Holiday Cup (Dungeon Heat S). Race and win 3 times (this is tough without a 6-speed MT and Racing Tires 3).


Race at Dalniche, Holiday Cup (Jurassic Road M). Equip your “Propeller 1”, and your “Racing Tires 2”. Race and win 3 times (get at least 2nd place).

You should get some mail with job offers, and also some information about a photograph. Go to Chitol’s Photo, just northeast of the Brachy fountain, and get your picture taken. It will take a month, but it is good to have an ID.

Go to Batelie’s place, which is in southeast Poqui town, to help her harvest some plants. Get a little cash, and then go back to Brachy town.

Go to the Poqui fountain and race Barat to unlock Team Membership (go to your garage to check your mail a couple of times).


Unfortunately, your car is under powered for the tryouts to become a pro racer. So it is time to make some serious money. You should have 30 to 40K right now, and to get that “Twin V10 Engine”, you will need a bit more. 105K is the cost of the engine that you need to continue. The Wonder Cups are worth 15K each win, so after 4 Wonder Cups, you should have banked almost enough to afford the “Twin V10”. The High Speed Oval L in Gapecotch is the best place to race, followed by the Outpalya (Oriental Challenge S). Win as many as necessary to score the “Twin V10”, and now you can get rid of that old “6 Cylinder” by selling it off. This should free up enough cash for the high-end “Twin Turbo Charger”. The next upgrade should be a “7-Speed MT”.

Now chose either Brachy or Nyaky town to host your team, which will be Team Ranolfka or Team Sovass. Go to their respective headquarters, and prepare to knock their socks off. Take the corners carefully, and you have the acceleration to make the grade with ease.
For your Driving Test, you should have:


Farting breakdancer
When three people come up to you, they will ask you for money. If you do not give them any money, they will keep asking you, no matter what. One will show you yoga moves, the other will just jump up and down, and the last one will breakdance. However, if you do not give money to him, he will turn around and fart. This will only happen further in the game when you are just riding around.

Easy money
Start the game with a new profile. You will have $7,000 to start with. End the months until the photo shop is open. Take a photo ID and you are now able to buy lottery tickets. End the months until the bank is selling lottery tickets. Make sure you have saved your game. Go to the bank and buy all the lottery tickets you can. End the month, and when you start the next month, go to the bank to check if you have the winning lottery tickets. If you have won, save the game and buy more tickets. If you lost, load your game and buy the tickets again and check if you have the winning ticket (repeat this step until satisfied). You can now start playing your game or can create a new profile and send all the money to it before deleting your old one.