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Pro Evolution Soccer Management

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Good free agents

On February 1st, players’ clubs let contracts slip leaving them free agents. It also happens on June 30th. Players like Sol Campbell, R. Kovac, Serginho will become available.

Retired players

Retired players get reborn as youngsters of 16 to 18 in the young squad. When this happens, promote them. This happens about a year or two after they retire, with players such as Larsson, Del Pierro, Roy Keane, Thuram, Nedved, etc.


During a season, a player will get injured. This cannot be prevented. For example, if Ronaldinho gets injured for six month during a match and you restart, the same thing may happen to another player. Save the game after every match.

Renewing contracts

When this happens, offer the exact same terms. The players will most likely take it.

Getting money out of owner

Finish expected at end of season or better and also win cups. If V.I.P. guests watch matches, if you win you will get £5 or 6 million on the spot.