Ultimate Sky Surfer

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Trick moves:
Scorpion — Circle, Triangle, Cross.
Propeller — Square, Triangle, Cross, Circle.
Menhouse Surprise — Square, Triangle, Cross.
Opening Touring Car — Square, Square, Square, Circle.
Snow Ball — Triangle, Square, Square, Circle.
The Plate — Triangle, Cross, Triangle, Cross.
Rolling Barrel Left — Cross, Circle, Circle, Cross.
Tidy Bowel In The Hole — Square, Cross, Circle, Cross.
Bending Reed — Triangle, Square, Cross, Circle.
Free Fall — Triangle, Cross, Cross, Triangle.
Burner Speed — Circle, Circle, Circle, Square.
Avalanche — Triangle, Circle, Circle, Square.
Rolling Barrel Right — Cross, Square, Square, Cross


Scorpion: Press Circle, Triangle, X
Menhouse Surprise: Press Square, Triangle, X
Opening Touring CA: Press Square(3), Circle
The Plate: Press Triangle, X, Triangle, X
Tidy Bowel In The Hole: Press Square, X, Circle, X
Bending Reed: Press Triangle, Square, X, Circle
Propeller: Press Square, Triangle, X, Circle
Free Fall: Press Triangle, X(2), Triangle
Burner Speed: Press Circle(3), Square
Snow Ball: Press Triangle, Square(2), Circle
Avalanche: Press Triangle, Circle(2), Square
Rolling Barrel Left: Press X, Circle(2), X
Rolling Barrel Right: Press X, Square(2), X