NBA Hoopz

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Cheat Codes
At the Versus screen, press Turbo, Shoot, and Pass the number of times indicated below to change the icons on the bottom of the screen:

Cheat Code – Granted Wish

3-1-2 Up – Infinite Turbo
0-2-3 Left – Beach Court
3-2-0 Left – Street Court
5-4-4 Left – Play as Dr. Atomic
0-1-4 Right – Home Uniform
0-2-4 Right – Away Uniform
1-1-1 Right – ABA Ball
1-2-1 Left – Granny Shots
0-1-1 Down – Show Shot %
1-1-0 Down – Show Hotspot
4-4-4 Left – No Goaltending
2-2-2 Right – No Fouls
3-0-1 Up – No Hotspots
3-0-0 Right – Big Heads
3-3-0 Left – Tiny Heads
5-4-3 Left – Tiny Players

Cheat mode:
Press Turbo, Shoot, and Pass to change the icons on the
versus screen. The numbers in the following list indicate
the number of times each button is pressed. After the
icons have been changed, press the D-pad in the indicated
direction to enable the code. The name of the code and a
sound will confirm correct code entry. For example, to
enter 1-2-3 Left, press Turbo, Shoot(2), Pass(3), Left.

Effect Code
Show shot % 0-1-1 Down
Home uniform 0-1-4 Right
Beach court 0-2-3 Left
Away uniform 0-2-4 Right
Show hotspot 1-1-0 Down
ABA ball 1-1-1 Right
Granny shots 1-2-1 Left
No fouls 2-2-2 Right
Big heads 3-0-0 Right
No hotspots 3-0-1 Up
Infinite turbo 3-1-2 Up
Street court 3-2-0 Left
Tiny heads 3-3-0 Left
No goaltending 4-4-4 Left
Tiny players 5-4-3 Left
Play as Dr. Atomic 5-4-4 Left

Taunt opponent:
Press Square, Triangle, Circle, or X while your opponent is at
the free throw line in a regular game or at the 3-point line in
a game of 21.

Easy basket:
Run up to the basket while pressing Turbo. When you get to the
basket, press Triangle, then X.