Game Boy Advance

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

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Step into the shoes of the mighty Power Rangers in this action-packed adventure game, Power Rangers: Dino Thunder for Game Boy Advance. Join the fearless team of heroes as they battle against evil forces to save the world from destruction.

Experience the thrill of morphing into powerful dinosaurs and unleashing incredible attacks on your enemies. With stunning graphics and smooth gameplay, you will feel like you are right in the middle of the action.

Embark on epic missions, solve challenging puzzles, and defeat formidable bosses to prove that you have what it takes to be a true Power Ranger. With multiple characters to choose from, each with their own unique abilities, the possibilities are endless.

Are you ready to take on the forces of evil and save the world from destruction? Join the Power Rangers in their quest for justice and become a legend in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder for Game Boy Advance.

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Dino Thunder Cheat List
Input the password “THQ” on the password menu to unlock the ending credits.

Megazord level 1: LZC
Megazord level 5: OZH
Megazord Level 7: 121
Megazord level 6: 50K
Megazord level 3: L21
Megazord Level 2: G0Y
Megazord level 4: 24!
Red Ranger Level 5: 160
Red Ranger Level 1: GBV
Red Ranger level 3: XVZ
Red Ranger level 2: QXX
Blue Ranger level 1: QVB
Blue Ranger level 3: 28Z
Blue Ranger level 4: 9XJ
Red Ranger level 4: YXO
Blue Ranger level 2: L60
Yellow Ranger level 2: G60
Yellow Ranger level 1: BXB
Yellow Ranger level 3: G8J
Yellow Ranger level 4: 8VG
puzzle 1: BGW
puzzle 2: LOY
Puzzle 3: G4K
puzzle 4: 4ZH

View credits:
Enter “THQ” as a password.

Select Ranger:
Enter “AP3” as a password to select a Ranger to play as before any level.

Level Easy Normal Hard
Blue Ranger 1 QVB QVN LWB
Blue Ranger 2 L60 L66 Q7J
Blue Ranger 3 28Z Z88 69G
Blue Ranger 4 9XJ 9XQ 5YJ
Megazord 1 LZC LZP Q!Y
Megazord 2 G0Y G03 B1Y
Megazord 3 L21 L27 Q3K
Megazord 4 24! 65H
Megazord 5 OZH 0ZT X!H
Megazord 6 50K 50R 91!
Megazord 7 121 127 Y31
Puzzle 1 BGW BG5 GHC
Puzzle 2 LOY L03 Q1F
Puzzle 3 G4K G4R B5K
Puzzle 4 4ZH 4ZT 8!1
Red Ranger 1 GBV GB4 BCV
Red Ranger 2 QXX QX2 LYX
Red Ranger 3 XVZ XV8 0WG
Red Ranger 4 YXO YX6 1YJ
Red Ranger 5 160 166 Y70
Yellow Ranger 1 BXB BXN GYX
Yellow Ranger 2 G60 G66 B7Q
Yellow Ranger 3 G8J G8Q B9J
Yellow Ranger 4 8VG 8VS 4WG