Game Boy Advance

Codename: Kids Next Door: Operation S.O.D.A.

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Codename: Kids Next Door: Operation S.O.D.A. is an action-packed adventure game for the Game Boy Advance that puts players in the shoes of the brave operatives of the Kids Next Door organization. As members of this elite group of kids, players must embark on a top-secret mission to stop the evil adults from destroying their beloved Treehouse headquarters.

With exciting missions, challenging puzzles, and intense battles against the forces of the sinister Mr. Boss, players will need to use all of their skills and cunning to save the day. With a variety of weapons and gadgets at their disposal, including the powerful S.O.D.A. (Supreme Overlord Deluxe Armament), players can customize their gameplay experience and take down enemies in style.

Featuring colorful graphics, engaging gameplay, and a nostalgic nod to the beloved animated series, Codename: Kids Next Door: Operation S.O.D.A. is a must-play for fans of the show and gamers looking for a fun and challenging experience on the Game Boy Advance. Join the Kids Next Door and help them defend their Treehouse in this thrilling adventure!

Codename: Kids Next Door: Operation S.O.D.A. Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat mode

Enter 1MC001 as a password to unlock all weapons and levels.

1mc001"Sooper secret Password", it lets you play all the levels with the new weapons
0k0hgdSection 1, numbuh five mission completed
0v2bbdSection 1, numbuh four mission completed
8jgqhdSection 1, numbuh one mission completed
wfddcdSection 1, numbuh three mission completed
wvwbcdSection 1, numbuh two mission completed
9kjqgdSection 2, numbuh five mission completed
1v8nvpSection 2, numbuh four mission completed
1krntdSection 2, numbuh three mission completed
52rptpSection 2, numbuh two mission completed
9khqjdSection 2, numbuh two mission completed
528Sv7Section 3, numbuh five mission completed
3307?*Section 3, numbuh four mission completed, final stage
529n*7Section 3, numbuh one mission completed
53*n?*Section 3, numbuh three mission completed
5?8pv6Section 3, numbuh two mission completed

Cheat mode:
Enter “1MC001” as a password to unlock all weapons and levels.

Status Password
Section 1 mission 1 completed 8JGQHD
Section 1 mission 2 completed WVWBCD
Section 2 mission 1 completed 52RPTP
Section 1 mission 3 completed WFDDCD
Section 2 mission 2 completed 9KHQJD
Section 3 mission 1 completed 529N*7
Section 1 mission 4 completed 0V2BBD
Section 2 mission 3 completed 1KRNTD
Section 3 mission 2 completed 5?8PV6
Section 1 mission 5 completed 0K0HGD
Section 2 mission 4 completed 1V8NVP
Section 3 mission 3 completed 53*N?*
Section 2 mission 5 completed 9KJQGD
Section 3 mission 4 completed 3307?*
Section 3 mission 5 completed 528SV7