Playstation Portable

Pinball Hall Of Fame : The Gottlieb Collection

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Goin’ Nuts machine:

Get the score on the Big Shots machine.

Black Hole machine:

Enter LIS as a code.

Central Park machine:

Enter NYC as a code.

Ace High machine:

Enter UNO as a code.

Custom ball:

Enter CKF as a code.

Playboy machine:

Enter HEF as a code.

Payout mode:

Enter WGR as a code.

Love Meter machine:

Enter HOT as a code.

Tee’d Off machine:

Enter PGA as a code.

Strikes And Spares machine:

Enter PBA as a code.

Xolten machine:

Enter BIG as a code.

No tilt mode:

Enter BZZ as a code.