Playstation Portable

Rengoku : The Tower of Purgatory

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Unlockable Pictures in Gallery Mode

Type01 – Save at least once
A.D.A.M – Save at least once
Mar – Beat Mars in the Tower
Lycaon – Beat Lycaon in the Tower
Gryphus – Defeat in lvl 8 boss fight
Deucalion-A – Finish the game twice
Deucalion-B – Finish the game twice
Statius – Defeat in lvl 7 boss fight

True Ending

Beat the game twice to get the true ending with a cinematic cut scene.

Gallery Pictures

To unlock the gallery images for a boss, simply defeat him/her in the tower.

Minos images – Defeat in lvl 3 Boss fight
Briareos images – Defeat in lvl 4 Boss fight
Sphinx images – Defeat in lvl 5 Boss fight
Alkmaion images – Defeat in lvl 6 Boss fight