Playstation Portable

Mai-Hime Senretsu!

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Mai-HiME Senretsu!! Secrets

Unlock Mai-HiME Senretsu!! Secrets:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Chiisana Hoshi ga Oriru Toki AMVComplete the Puzzle
Choosing Miyu w/ AlyssaWhen selecting Miyu, place your selection box on Miyu and press and hold ‘Select’ then the ‘O’ button. (FB and Survival modes only.)
Extra Costume for Shiho and AkiraAfter obtaining their puzzle piece, play BR mode with them again and beat more than 7 foes in one game. Beating more foes improves your odds.
Obtaining a puzzle piecePlay BR mode and beat more than 7 foes in one game. The greater number of foes you beat, the better chances you have of getting the puzzle piece.
Obtaining the last extra CostumeComplete a character’s sub-Child collection. (Fumi and Dark Mikoto do not have extra costumes to unlock.)
Selecting Dark MikotoPlace the selection box on Mikoto and press and hold ‘Select’ then the ‘O’ button. Mikoto will switch to Dark Mikoto.
Senretsu!! System voicesWin at least 14 matches in Survival Mode with Shizuru, Yukino, Yukariko, Shiho, and Fumi to unlock their respective System Voices.
Unlocking ‘Mai-HiME Bakurestu Characters and System VoicesHave a Bakurestu save game on your PSP. Go to Options: Convert. Choose ‘Yes’ (the two character option).
Unlocking Battle Royal and SurvivalComplete Story mode once.
Unlocking Dark MikotoWin at least 14 matches in Survival Mode with Mikoto. Dark Mikoto’s profile will also be unlocked.
Unlocking Pictures/MoviesApproximately half will become unlocked as you progress through Story mode.

Play as all 13 HiMEs

Choose option and select convert to load up your completed Mai-HiME Bakuretsu save data to unlock all 13 HiMEs in free battle.