Playstation Portable

Monster Hunter Freedom 2

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Prequel bonus

Start a new game with a saved game file from the original Monster Hunter Freedom on your memory stick to begin with some of the items you had in the Monster Hunter Freedom chest and bonus Zenny.

Gallery movies

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding movie in the Gallery.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Behold the Kut-Ku!Encounter a Yian Kut-Ku.
Congalala EcologyEncounter a Congalala.
Desert HunterEncounter a Cephadrome.
Light In The DarkEncounter a Khezu.
Silver WorldComplete the “Mountain Gathering” quest.
Sterling HunterEncounter a Giadrome.
The Green of the LandComplete the “Jungle Gathering” quest.
The Jungle OutlawEncounter a Congalala.
The Roaring KingEncounter a Bulldrome.
The Sly HunterEncounter a Velocidrome.
The Tyrant TigrexEncounter a Tigrex.
White Night DuneComplete the “Desert Gathering” quest.