Game Boy Advance

Mario Party Advance

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Change alternate title screen

To change the title screen, buy a poster gaddget in challenge land that has the title background you want. Then go to Play Land, select Gaddgets, then select the poster you want. Play with it, then go back to the title screen. You should now see the title screen with the poster you just played with as your background.

Change Bowling Ball color

When playing with the “Mini Bowling” Gaddget, press L or R to change the color of your ball.

Game Modes

Game Room in Challenge Mode Play at least 1 coin mini-game in Shroom City.

New title Screen

Get all Gaddgets and Mini-Games to get a gold title screen.

Unlockable Challenge Modes

Mini-Game Attack – Havemore than 15 mini-games
Game Room – Have at least one coin game
Duel Dash (easy mode) – Have at least three duel mini-games
Duel Dash (normal mode) – Have at least five duel mini-games
Duel Dash (hard mode) – Have at least seven duel mini-games
Bowser Land – Have all the Koopa Kid mini-games