Game Boy Advance

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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Fast way to level and get the best items
When you are at the seventh level, find the red painting(i think it’s bloody baron), then go into it, once you come out, go south into a door, you’ll be in the cafe, in there are many monster, find the monsters that have a look of a crab(fire crab i believe), make sure your lvl is atleast 15 and you have one of the attack all spells. fight the crab, you might see 2 kind of enemy armies, 1 is with 2 of those crabs on the outside, a spider on the inside, and the other is with the crab in the center and 2 fire lizards on the outside. you will get attacked first, if hermionie dies, run away, if she doesn’t, use the lecture skill of hermionie(you’ll get more exp), that is important because you need the mp replinish when you lv up. then attack them with one of the attack all spells, until only 1 monster is left, then attack wif a lv 2 single spell until it dies. this way, if you see the enemies wif 2 crabs, you’ll get 180 exp and 100 gold, if you see the one wif 1 crab, it gives 130 exp and 70 gold. do it a few times and you’ll be at lv 50. and sometimes the monsters drop ribbons, if you already have one for hermionie, sell it for 300 gold. this way, you can collect all the good items for all your characters. (ps: use the bloody baron picture for transportation is just a faster way, you don’t have to go that way, but that is the best way of connecting from fred/george shop to the cafe.)

Transfiguration Class
If you can’t find the transfiguration class on the first floor (ground floor), go back into the entrance hall and go up the opposite staircase and keep going straight. That is where the Transfiguration Classroom is (I got this game two days ealry. That’s why I know where the classroom is after getting very ticked off at the game).

Get Most Wizard Cards
If you don’t want to gather most of the wizard cards going around the school and looking for those chests, get like 1000 sickles and go to Fred and George in the southeast part of Floor 7. Go to “BUY” and then go to “MISCELLANEOUS(?)” and buy like 200 Chocolate Frogs. You might even get at least two of all of the cards in a card combo. You also want to get these cards to go to the west room on Floor 5 to unlock prizes and stuff (when you have all of them in a particular category; ex: Quidditch).

Tea Leaf Mini-game
Get all of the Famous Witches And Wizards Collectors Cards and go to the fourth floor. Five chests will be inside.
One of them contains the Tea Leaf mini-game.

Wizard Cracker Pop-it Mini-game
After about three quarters of the way through the game, you will attend a dinner. You will play this game at this point. After you play it, the game will be unlocked on your mini-game menu.

Buckbeaks Hippogriff Guide Mini-game
After getting all five Monster Book Of Monsters, go back to Hagrid’s hut. Hagrid will let you ride Buckbeak. After you ride him, this mini-game will be unlocked.

Ridikulus Boggart Challenge Mini-game
At some point you will attend Professor Lupin’s Defense Against The Dark Arts class.
You will face against a spider, Snape, a snake, and a mouse. After this, the mini-game will be unlocked.

Defeating The Professor Lupin
After you rescue Buckbeak, you must fight Professor Lupin when he turns into a werewolf. First, use Fumos with Hermione if she goes first. Fumos will cover Buckbeak and raise his ability to dodge attacks. To ensure that Hermione goes first, you should either equip her with the best items to make her agility the highest, or just make sure she is the highest level person and the only one with items equipped. Lupin only attacks Buckbeak. This battle is rigged so that Buckbeak always goes first, then Lupin, then yourself. Buckbeak will attack Lupin every turn, doing about 20 to 25 damage. Lupin has about 600 HP. None of your spells affect him — this battle will rely on Buckbeak. If he dies you will lose. The only thing you can really do is use Fumos to protect Buckbeak and keep using potions on him when he gets hurt. You can also use the card combo Cracker Jinx. It does about 40 damage to Lupin.

Harry Potter Wizard Card
Successfully complete the game to get the Harry Potter Wizard card. Use the card in battle to teach everyone in your party all possible spells and spell levels.

Secret Chests
Complete your collection of wizard cards to unlock the five secret chests on floor five. The first chest contains the Tea Leaf mini-game, which is playable from the main menu. The second chest gives you four or five good cloaks. The third chest gives you a Golden Snitch and levels up your party by one. The fourth chest gives you Spellotape A Charm for Hermione. The last chest levels up everyone in your party by two levels. The rewards can be used again each time you start the game over.