Game Boy Advance

Dual Blades

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Dual Blades is an exhilarating fighting game for the Game Boy Advance that will keep players on the edge of their seats with its fast-paced action and intense battles. Choose from a variety of skilled warriors, each with their own unique fighting style and special moves, and engage in epic one-on-one duels against formidable opponents. Master the art of swordplay and unleash devastating combos to defeat your enemies and emerge victorious in the ultimate test of skill and strategy. With its smooth controls, vibrant graphics, and immersive gameplay, Dual Blades is sure to captivate fans of fighting games and provide hours of thrilling entertainment on the go. Get ready to unleash your inner warrior and prove yourself as the ultimate blade master in this epic handheld adventure.

Dual Blades Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Unlockable Features
1-Counter Mode: Will be unlocked under “Extra Features” menu when game is finished with any 4 character.(when %50 finished) A game code will be given to player, when it’s activated…

Explanation of Counter Mode:
It causes 400% more damage bonus for counter hits.

2-Transform Mode: Will be unlocked when Time Attack mode is completed. A game code will be given to player, when it’s activated…

Explanation of Transform Mode:
In Arcade mode making the enemy fall causes it to morphe into another character randomly.

3-Crazy Mode: Will be unlocked when Survival mode is completed. A game code will be given to player, when it’s activated…

Explanation of Crazy Mode:
This mode allows cancelable standart attacks which affects gameplay very much. Just making different standart attacks will combo including aerial ve crouching ones. So that, such combos can be done: Air k, Air SL, Air BS, K, Duck L, SL, BS->Any special… You can cancel any weak attack to another but can’t go on doing this when BS is used, So BS
attacks may be used as combo finishers…In this mode also every standart attack can be canceled into specials when at least the attack connected once. By the same way every specials can be canceled into power moves…This mode needs a bit testing because it’s open for exploitation…

4-Activating Alperen:
When Arcade Mode is completed with normal or higher difficulty…Game will give the player a code which
comfirms he finished the game with that player.When Arcade mode is completed with all characters,
Alperen will ve selectable.

5-Learning Your fighter’s SECRET POWER MOVE(MEGA POWER):
Every character has a fifth power move which is called a MEGA Power move.There is no way to unlock it, ‘cos they’re not hidden, just their combination is long and hard to do…In order to learn your fighter’s MEGA POWER combination simply complete Combo Mode with him/her. As the last combo, the game will teach you your fighter’s MEGA POWER…In order to perform a MEGA POWER you need a MAX power bar. Here is their combination and use for each character:

Efe throws 3-4 huge electric balls to opponent.

This move is like Duke’s Holy Guards…To perform, opponent must try to hit you when you have just
performed the move.

3-Brandon (BLIZZARD) : B,F,D,D,PW
Activates Brandon’s “Throw fast magics with BS” mode. BS attack becames magic moves.

Every SL or BS of Shin causes a crow attack opponent.

5-Duke (Not finished yet)

6-Jaman (HUGE BITE) : F,B,F,D,PW
Jaman calls a huge beast to bite the opponent.

7-Nagasapa(HEALING) : D,B,D,F,PW
By the time bar decreases Nagasapa heals…

8-Rungard(NORN’S CUT) : B,F,D,F,PW
Rungard holds his arms, by the time if the opponent is not guarding; He stops time. Everything with the opponent freeze.

Alperen doesn’t have a MEGA Power move, because it just doesn’t need one.

6- Character Extra Versions:

Every character has an extra powered version which can be selected with a hidden method when you finished game with him/her.This version of the character has another alternate color.Here is how to pick these and what is their new abilities:

To use these firstly on character selection screen come onto that player…

1-Efe: Hold L trigger, then U,D,U,U,L,L press Start
*Double Flash Bomb with D,F,BS
*His Max cancel increases from 1 to 2

2-Kanae: Hold R trigger, then L,L,D,D,R,U, press Start
*In air D,F,SL to make an Air Dragon Slash
*Her Max cancel increases from 2 to 3
*She can `power cancel` her “Slicer” move

3-Brandon: Hold L trigger, then D,D,U,U,B,F, press Start
*Upper-Sonic Slash can be also done in Air
*In Air D,B,SL sends a straight Magic

4-Shin: Hold L trigger, then B,B,F,F,D,D, press Start
*Dark Chopper rises up opponent, which can lead into new combo opportunities…
*With `Dark Messenger` he can call 5 crow (Normally he can call only 4)

5-Duke: Hold R trigger, then U,U,U,B,B,D, press Start
*His Max cancel increases from 1 to 2
*`Knight’s Fury` can grap the opponent when he/she is receiving damage.

6-Jaman: Hold R trigger, then D,U,D,U,F,B, press Start
*His BS can be canceled now.
*’Vengeance’ power now can also be done on ground (You can still activate this on air)

7-Nagasapa: Hold L trigger, then F,F,F,U,U,U, press Start
*Her throw leaves opponent open for another attack…
*She gains a new special called `Spirit Trap’ which is done with the combination: B,F,D,BS

8-Rungard: Hold R trigger, then B,D,F,F,D,B, press Start
*He gains 2 new teleport moves:
a- D,B,SL to Opponent’s Back
b- D,B,BS to Opponent’s Top

7-Selecting Secret Difficulty level:IMPOSSIBLE

On the options menu, come on Difficulty then do this: L, L, L, L, R, R, L, R, B button. You will hear a sound and 5th difficulty level will be active.

Impossible difficulty setting:
Highlight the “Difficulty” selection at the options screen. Then,
quickly press Left(4), Right(2), Left, Right, B.