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Etherlords is a captivating and immersive strategy game that will transport you to a world of magic and power. As a powerful Etherlord, you must harness the elemental forces of earth, air, fire, and water to conquer your enemies and become the ultimate ruler of the realm.

The game features stunning graphics and a richly detailed world that will truly immerse you in its fantasy setting. With a variety of spells, creatures, and abilities at your disposal, you must carefully strategize and plan your every move to outwit your opponents and emerge victorious in battle.

Whether you prefer to engage in epic battles against AI opponents or test your skills against other players in online multiplayer mode, Etherlords offers a thrilling and challenging gaming experience that will keep you coming back for more.

So, gather your forces, summon your creatures, and unleash the power of the elements in Etherlords – the ultimate strategy game for PC gamers who crave adventure and excitement.

Etherlords Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

Cheat mode:Press ~ to display the console window. Type EtherRevelation then press [Enter] to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes at the console window in the indicated game mode to activate the corresponding cheat function.Effect: Mode: Code Remove fog of war: Adventure: open_fog Restore fog of war: Adventure: hide_fog Lose mission: Adventure: lose Win mission: Adventure: win Quick save: Adventure: save Quick load: Adventure: load Player information: Adventure: player 15 of all resources except ether: Adventure: give all Resource information: Adventure: view resources Lose battle: Combat: lose Win battle: Combat: win Reveal enemy hand: Combat: view_hand Hide enemy hand: Combat: hide_hand Swap you and enemy: Combat: swap Information about your army: Combat: view army Information about your hand: Combat: view hand Information about combatant: Combat: view players(www.gamesupport.dk) List all spell and creature codes: Combat: view spells Instantly add indicated spell: Combat: add spell Instantly add indicated creature to your army: Combat: add creature Set hero’s health: Combat: change health Set hero’s mana: Combat: change mana Set hero’s mana links: Combat: change links Set enemy hero’s health: Combat: change enemy Unknown: Adventure: view heroes Unknown: Adventure: open_tomb Unknown: Adventure: test Unknown: Adventure: set Unknown: Adventure: net start Unknown: Adventure: net connect Unknown: Adventure: net host Unknown: Combat: spec Unknown: Combat: disenchant Unknown: Combat: view creature Spell and creature codes:Use one of the following case-sensitive entries with the add spell or add creature codes. Spell or creature: Spell or creature code Ancient Treant: ANTN Air Elemental: AREL Aviak Assassin: AVAS Aviak Elder: AVEL Aviak Marksman: AVMK Aviak Scout: AVSC Bat: BATT Evil Eye: BEHD Bee Queen: BEQN Bee Worker: BEWK Bee Warrior: BEWR Big Velos: BGVL Evil Eye Mother: BHMO Evil Eye Warrior: BHWR Black Dragon: BLDG Bronze Abomination: BRAB Bronze Mechos: BRMC Bronze Mechozaurus: BRMZ Blue Dragon: BUDG Carnivorous Fingus: CAFG Cyclops: CCLP Cleric Spirit: CLSP Cutter Man: CTMN Doom Rat: DMRT Disease Rat: DRAT Earth Elemental: EREL Female Fighter: FMFI Fire Elemental: FREL Giant Bat: GBAT Gibberling: GBBR Gibberling Gang: GBGN Gibberling Instigator: GBIN Giant Fingus: GIFG Green Dragon: GRDG Gargantuan Fingus: GRFG Gray Ogre: GROG Grass Snake: GRSN Great Treant: GRTN Hopper: HOPR Iron Abomination: IRAB Iron Mechos: IRMC Iron Mechozaurus: IRMZ Kobold Elder: KBEL Kobold Guard: KBGD Kobold Shaman: KBSH Kobold Warrior: KBWR Lake Snake: LASN Lamia Monk: LMMN Lamia Warrior: LMWA Lamia Warlord: LMWD Lamia Warlock: LMWK Magic Hornet: MAHO Mech Worm: MCWO Mech Wurm: MCWU Mech Wyrm: MCWY Male Fighter: MLFI Mini Hopper: MNHP Mantis: MNTS Mother Bee: MOBE Mother Tick: MOTI Mantis Patriarch: MTPT Mantis Scribe: MTSC Maxi Hopper: MXHP Mystic Hornet: MYHO Night Wolf: NWLF Ogre King: OGKN Orc Elder: OREL Orc Guard: ORGD Orc Shaman: ORSH Orc Warrior: ORWR Phantasmal Wall: PHWL Plague Rat: PRAT Pteros: PTRS Red Dragon: RDDG Reinforced Pteros: RFPT Rock Wall: RKWL River Halo: RVHL Razor Man: RZMN Sea Halo: SEHL Shaman Spirit: SHSP Shadow Wolf: SHWL Silicon Wall: SLWL Small Velos: SMVL Spitting Fingus: SPFG Steel Abomination: STAB Steel Mechos: STMC Steel Mechozaurus: STMZ Stink Rat: STRT Swamp Halo: SWHL Sawer Man: SWMN Swamp Snake: SWSN Treant: TANT Tick Queen: TIQN Tick Worker: TIWK Tick Warrior: TIWR Treant Sapling: TNSA Tree Snake: TRSN Vampire Bat: VBAT Walking Horror: WKHR Wall of Air: WLAR Wall of Blades: WLBL Wall of Burning Rock :WLBR Wall of Breeze: WLBZ Wall of Daggers: WLDG Wall of Distortion: WLDT Wall of Force: WLFC Wall of Inferno Flames: WLIF Wall of Illusion: WLIL Wall of Lava: WLLV Wall of Magma: WLMG Wall of Wind: WLWD Warrior Spirit: WRSP Water Elemental: WTEL Wizard Spirit: WZSP

Cheat mode:
Press “~” to display the console window. Type “EtherRevelation” then
press “Enter” to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following
codes at the console window in the indicated game mode to activate
the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Mode Code
Remove fog of war Adventure open_fog
Restore fog of war Adventure hide_fog
Lose mission Adventure lose
Win mission Adventure win
Quick save Adventure save
Quick load Adventure load
Player information Adventure player
15 of all resources except ether Adventure give all
Resource information Adventure view resources
Lose battle Combat lose
Win battle Combat win
Reveal enemy hand Combat view_hand
Hide enemy hand Combat hide_hand
Swap you and enemy Combat swap
Information about your army Combat view army
Information about your hand Combat view hand
Information about combatant Combat view players
List all spell and creature codes Combat view spells
Instantly add indicated spell Combat add spell
Instantly add indicated creature
to your army Combat add creature
Set hero’s health Combat change health
Set hero’s mana Combat change mana
Set hero’s mana links Combat change links
Set enemy hero’s health Combat change enemy