Get Medieval

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Cheat :

Type in the following codes while playing the game toactivate the following codes.mpkfa – Enables God mode.mpbodyguard – No damage.mphighlander – 99 lives.mpshoes – 99 souls.mpthewolf – Lets you jump to next level.mpbadmofo – Go to previous level.mpbringthegimp – Go to the boss area.mppetrol – More health.mparmorall – More armor.mpglovebox – Weapon.mpignition – Keys.mpturbocharger – Scrolls.mpironpockets – Prevents thief from stealing from you.mpbandaid – Health will not bleed away.mppos – Display coordinates.mpfps – Display frame rate.mplockpick: Gives the skull keympomar: Gives the fire shield artifactmptroadrunner: Gives speed boost artifactmpwinturbo: Gives super scroll artifactmpbadbreath: Gives Freak artifactmpmintybeath: Gives Worship artifact

Enter one of the following codes during gameplay to
activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effects: Codes:

God mode mpkfa
Display coordinates mppos
Display frame rate mpfps
No damage mpbodyguard
99 lives mphighlander
Jump to next level mpthewolf
Go to previous level mpbadmofo
Go to the boss area mpbringthegimp
Keys mpignition
Scrolls mpturbocharger
Health mppetrol
Armor mparmorall
Weapon mpglovebox
99 souls mpshoes
Thief will not steal mpironpockets
Health will not bleed away mpbandaid