Tzar: Burden of the Crown

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Cheat :

During game play type [ENTER] to open the chat window then enter one of the following:HMPRETTYPLEASEWITHSUGARONTOP = Activate Cheat Mode HMGOD = God Mode for Currently Selected Unit HMREVEAL = Show Entire Map HMNOFOG = Remove Fog of War HMPETLEVA = 50,000 for All Resources HMDVALEVA = 10,000 for All Resources HMTIMER = Shows Timer HMBUILDOZER = Fast Build HMUSURP = Lose Control of Main Buildings HMNOTECH = Buildings/Units Don’t Depend on Upgrades HMKINGDOM x Selected Unit Becomes Part of Player x’s Unit (1-9) HMSPAWN name Spawns Any Unit From the Game

Cheat mode:
Press “Enter” during game play and type “hmprettypleasewithsugarontop”
to enable cheat mode. Resume game play, press “Enter” again, and type
one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat

Effect Code
+10,000 to all resources hmdvaleva
+50,000 to all resources hmpetleva
Calculator hmcalc
Display map grid hmshowgrid
Full map hmreveal
Instant construction hmbuildozer
Lose game hmresign
Remove fog hmnofog
Next level in campaign mode hmnext
Highlighted people become invincible hmgod
All technical items available hmnotech
Display game clock hmtimer
Lose control of main buildings hmusurp
Indicated until becomes part of player’s unit hmkingdom
Spawn indicated unit hmspawn
Increase population limit by 1000 hmnopop
Display map coordinates hmthreads
Remove unit hmdiscover
Set time to day or night hmtime
Clears if it is slow and makes it regular hmdebugpath
Give player 1000g hmgive
Reveal if the player has used the secret
taken ones hmischeater
Display name of current map hmmap
Increase health of selected objects by 5 hmcont
See what the selected units see hmspy
Kills all animals on map hmhunt
Start demo hmdemo