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Get Unknown Fighter Type I

When you reach Stage 6 in Hard mode, let time run out.
Once you run out of time, the game will be over and
save your high score.

Get Unknown Fighter Type II

Beat the game on Hard mode without continuing. Save your
high score once this is finished.

Secret Weapons

There are two areas where you can get the Juno.
It is stronger than the Vulcan. Stage 4 – When the large boat pops out of the water, destroy the body first. Then take out the tower. Once the tower is taken out, you get the Juno. Stage 7 – Destroy all three red fighters and you should get the Juno.


There are two areas where you can get the Flash.
It is stronger than the Cannon. Stage 3 – After you fought the spider mid-boss, destroy the core from the top and immediately destroy all the items that falls from it (easier if you have the Vulcan or Juno) and you should get the Flash. Stage 5 – Take apart the giant robotic mid-boss piece by piece before destroying it. It will throw or kick a red box containing a Flash if you take out this mid-boss’ body parts.


One area has this guided missile. Stage 4 – After destroying the mid-boss in the water, pick up the spreader in the boxes and switch it to the top part of your fighter. In this small maze-like section, move all the way down until you see a box behind you. Shoot the box to get the Mosquito. Python:
One area has this chain bomb. Stage 5 – Destroy the large vehicle in the background in the first part of the stage with the Wasp and if you can reach the Python it leaves behind, then you get the Python. Game Shark Codes Infinite Lives 800813C4 0003 Invincible 80085718 00A5
Infinite Gunpod Ammo 80084832 270F + 80084834 270F
All Gallery Pictures 801FEC9C FFFF + 801FEC9E FFFF