Star Wars : Master Of The Teras Kasi

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GIANT MODE-During loading press and hold down select and x

To play as Darth Vader: Beat game on Standard or Jedi With Luke Skywalker. To play as StormTrooper: Beat game on Standard or Jedi with Han Solo. To play as Princess Leia in Slave Outfit: Beat game on Jedi with Princess Leia. To play as Jodo Kast: Beat Jodo Kast or tie score on Servival Mode. To play as Mara Jade: Highlite Team mode (don’t select it), then hold down L1+L2+R1 and press X … It will select three good guys (Luke, Solo, Chewy, and Leia) for the player, and three bad guys (Bobo Fett, Hoar, Thok, and Arden Lyn) for the computer, then it will say “Quest for Mara Jade”. Beat the Computer and she will be yours to control… To get the Level Select for the Practic and Vs. mode: Beat game with Chewbaca on Standard or Jedi mode. To give characters big heads: When after picking your character and while it is loading hold the Select button until round starts…
——————————————————————————– For TINY MODE: Hold down on the D-pad and select while match is loading.