Nintendo DS

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training : How Old Is Your Brain?

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Easter Egg: Big Stamp

If you complete three brain challenges in a day, the stamp used to keep track of your progress will be bigger.

Daily Training’s Training Unlockables

Perform the following tasks in order to unlock new contents.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Hard mode for Calculations x 100 gameGet 11 stamps
Hard mode for Head Count gameGet 9 stamps
Hard mode for Triangle Math gameGet 17 stamps
Head Count gameGet 3 stamps
Low to High gameGet 1 stamp
Stamp Designer OptionGet 7 stamps
Syllable Count gameGet 2 stamps
Time Lapse gameGet 15 stamps
Tips OptionGet 5 stamps
Triangle Math gameGet 13 stamps
Voice Calculation gameGet 19 stamps

Easter Egg: Doctor

Say “doctor” into the mic at the title screen and Ryuta Kawashima will laugh or scowl.

Brain Age Check Test Selection

Menu where you can see the option to check your brain ageGo to the place you can take the brain age test. Hold select, then click “Brain age test.” Then you can choose what tests you take.

Larger Stamp

Successfully complete three brain challenges in a day and the stamp used to keep track of your progress will get larger.

Brain Age Check Selection

Go to the Daily Training section and select your name, press and hold [Select] and pick Brain Age Check. This will open up a selection menu that lets you choose which three challenges you want to complete for the age check.

Easter Egg: Glasses, Glasses

On the main menu say “glasses glasses” into the microphone and Ryuta Kawashima will perform a “funny” animation on the left screen.

Sudoku Advanced Mode

You can unlock the Advanced level of sudoku puzzles by completing 48 of the puzzles in Basic and Intermediate modes – a total completion percentage of 40%.

Top Three Results

While tapping the graph option on the Daily Training menu, hold Select to display the top three results from every Brain Age Check and training to that date.

Brain Age Check Selection Menu

Select a save game slot and hold Select while choosing the Brain Age option to have the option of selecting the order of the Brain Age Check tests.

Irritate the Prof

At the title screen say ‘Glasses glasses’ into the microphone and the doctor will remove his glasses and say something. Say ‘Doctor’ and he will either laugh or get mad.