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Dark Sun

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In the immersive world of ‘Dark Sun’, players are transported to a desolate and unforgiving post-apocalyptic landscape where survival is the ultimate goal. As they navigate through the harsh terrain, they must contend with dangerous creatures, rival factions, and the ever-present threat of the scorching sun.

With stunning graphics and a gripping storyline, ‘Dark Sun’ offers a truly immersive gaming experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats. Whether they choose to explore the vast open world, engage in intense combat, or unravel the mysteries of the past, every decision they make will shape their destiny in this dark and unforgiving world.

With its dynamic gameplay, challenging puzzles, and intense battles, ‘Dark Sun’ is a must-play for fans of post-apocalyptic games. Are you ready to face the darkness and emerge victorious in the world of ‘Dark Sun’? Only time will tell.

Dark Sun Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat Codes:

To use any of the codes you must start the game with the command
-k911 simply add the -k911 command after the startup command dsun
like this:

dsun -k911

Note: do not use ravager to start the game you must use dsun
followed by the cheet commands. The following are other command line
parameters used after the -k911. For example:

dsun -k911 -s -p -m -a

s – Will start you out with all of the spells

p – will start you out with all of the psyonics

m – no music

a – no intro

The following is a list of keys to hit durring the game:

T – raise the level of the entire party by one

t – raise the level of one character during his turn in combat

m/M – memorize all of the spells

alt F2 – god party (invincibility?)

alt F4 – spellcasters memorize all spells