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Prey is a thrilling first-person shooter game that takes players on a heart-pounding journey through a space station overrun by mysterious alien creatures. As the protagonist, you must use your wits and skills to survive and uncover the truth behind the terrifying events unfolding around you.

With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Prey offers a unique and captivating gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Whether you prefer stealthy tactics or all-out action, this game has something for every type of player.

Explore the vast and intricate world of the space station, uncovering hidden secrets and unlocking powerful abilities along the way. With a gripping storyline and intense combat encounters, Prey is sure to keep you hooked for hours on end.

So gear up, prepare for the unknown, and dive into the thrilling world of Prey. Can you survive the dangers lurking around every corner, or will you become prey yourself? Only time will tell in this pulse-pounding adventure from PC Games.

Prey Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat mode:

Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + ~ during game play to display the console window:Result – Code:God mode – god Health – givehealth Ammunition – giveammo Get everything – give all No target by enemies – notargetTurn ghost mode on/off – noclip

Spawning Enemies

In console, these commands will spawn enemiesSpawns a Fodder – spawn monster_fodder Spawns a Hunter – spawn monster_hunter Spawns a Hound – spawn monster_hound Spawns a Mutate – spawn monster_mutate Spawns a Centurion – spawn monster_centurion

Cheat mode:
Start the game with the “+set com_allowconsole 1” command line parameter.
Hold “Ctrl + Alt + ~” during game play to display the console window. Then,
enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
List commands listcmds
Center view centerview
Clear the console clear
Close a portal closeportal
Dump console text to
base.txt condump
Damage indicated entity damage
Load a map in developer mode devmap

Exit game exit
Display current map name in console getmapname
Teleport to putpos saved location getpos
Display current view position getviewpos
Spawn indicated item give
Give indicated gun energy for the
Leech Gun giveenergy <railgun
God mode god
Heart beat pulse on health healthpulse
Hide all entities of a class or name hide
Suicide kill
Remove all monsters killmonsters
Remove all moveables killmoveables
Remove all ragdolls killragdolls
Kill targeted object killthis
List active game entities listactiveentities
List game classes listclasses
List game entities listentities
List entity defs listentitydefs
List all models listmodels
List monsters listmonsters
List spawn arguments of an entity listspawnargs
List system commands listsystemcmds
list tool commands listtoolcmds
List type info listtypeinfo
Load indicated map map

No clipping mode noclip
Disable the player as a target notarget
Open a portal openportal
Display current playtime playtime
Possess the player possessplayer
Print extra map keys of targeted object print
Save location putpos
Quit the game quit
Record the current view position with notes recordviewnotes
Remove all entities of a class or name remove
Set player gravity setplayergravity
Set current view position setviewpos
show all entities of a class or name show
Show any view notes for the current map showviewnotes
Spawn a game entity spawn
Spawn indicated number of entities spawnabunch

Heart beat pulse spiritpulse
Take notes about the current map from
the current view takeviewnotes
Teleport to an entity location teleport
Enter or exit a shuttle with guns toggleshuttle
Toggle talon targets toggletalontargets
Trigger targeted object triggerthis
Unpossess the player unpossessplayer
Display current view position where