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Save Princeton

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Walkthrough :

Save PrincetonHere is a walkthrough for Save Princeton. It is not a ´100 % walkthrough´,I have left some small puzzles and guess-the-verb´s, but they are easy tosolve (I think!).You start in the Common room. Take the disk and go south to the bigbedroom. Here you see Jacob. Ask him about the names and give him thedisk. Take the violin, go back to the common room and west to the smallbedroom. Give the violin to Eric and take the poster. Go back again andleave the room to the southwest. Go upstairs and enter the girls room. Nowyou know what the goal of the game is. Go west and take the hairdryer. Goback, out and down and go west. Go north, west, north. Try to steal somemoney here, go west and north. In the dining room, just take the glass andthe food-like item. The food smells so terrible, that you´ll never behungry again, so you don´t need to worry about food in this game. Go backto Holder Courtyard, go north and down. Listen to the announcements on theradio and check the couch. You´ll find an important item here. Go up andall the way south to Joline Courtyard, now go southeast, south and south.Here you have to put your money in the tray to buy a USA Today (which istotally useful, so please don´t read it). Don´t forget to take yourchange!Now go southwest to the market and buy one of the items which you haveenough money for (examine each item here). Leave the store and go back toJoline. Go north and show the poster to the Jock (don´t give it to him!).Go south, get the dryer ready for use, turn it on and put the poster onthe manhole cover. Dry the poster. Go back southeast and southeast andenter Whitherspoon. Knock on the door and use the glass as a hearing aid.You´ll have to solve this puzzle by yourself (I won´t give the answer,but it is for sale at the WaWa market) and then SAY “”. Enter theroom and the only thing you´ll need is the lava lamp. If you can´t leave,you´ll have to turn off some things first. Outside the room you go eastor west and then you go east, east, east.At Murray-Dodge you go down and north. In the bowl you find some doughwith which you´ll need to bake some cookies in the oven. Go back to thecafe and up, north, north and up or down. You are in the FirestoneLibrary now, wander around through the bowels and read some books, butdon´t worry about the maze. After a while you´ll end up at thePhotographic Services. Take the camera, go north, south, south and goeast, east and east. It´s very unpolite, but take a picture of thischaracter and show it to him. Now you can examine his clothes and takethe wallet in which you´ll find an important item. Go back to OutsideWhitherspoon, southeast, south and south. If you cannot enter here showthe ID-card to Otis. Here you´ll see an exhausted athlete who looks veryhungry. So feed him! Take his reward and go all the way back to theTiger-Inn. Remember the anti-social character? Protect your head andheadbutt the lamp. Examine the debris and remember the code you´ll find.(www.gamesupport.dk)Now go back to the manhole. Dave, the tourguide fell into it, because hewas walking backwards. The tourists are lost but if you take the umbrellaout of the manhole they will think you are the guide. Go southeast, northand east. Now enter Nassau and open the door with the code you found.Enter the room and change the lightbulbs. Turn on the light. The guard isnow hypnotized, and so are you, but you are able to search through hisclothes. Wear the glasses and take the key. Read the tag and go to thatbuilding (is it?). You can use a shortcut: leave the Nassau building andgo south and southeast to Whig Hall (You Think). Unlock the door andenter. Here you´ll find Hal Shapiro and go back to the room with theburly guard. Leave the lamp on and enter the office. Don´t forget toprotect your ears! Let Hal put the King asleep and blow the trumpet. Youhave now saved Princeton!