Capitalism Plus

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Cheat :

Hints and Strategies1) Own the entire system. Be a Carnegie, don’t buy imported rubber to make shoes if you can find a good farm location and grow rubber trees.2) Plan your farms in conjunciton with your stores and factories. You can negate your profit greatly by paying the long range transportation costs.3) I don’t like heart of downtown malls. The edge of the city offers MUCH cheaper building costs and the profit you turn is almost identical. 4). Look for a diversified company with an aggressive CEO and buy stock in it..over time, it should pay nice dividends.5) Keep an eye on the stock market, especially looking for a corp. buying a large stake in a rival…it’s probably a prelude to a takeover. Buy some stock in the target corp yourself. You’ll not only benefit from the rising stock price as the takeover move along, but when it’s complete and the two merge, you’ll now own stock in the parent.6) Get away from using imported products and material as soon as possible. When the supplier moves, it creates havoc with your supply lines and costs $$ when you’re just relabelling an import because that import ain’t there no more.7) Beds are a great and cheap first product line to start. They have a nice margin of profit and only require a timber camp for raw materials.8) When you first move a new product into a city, it’ll not do well (as a rule) against the local competition for quite some time. If you lower the price, often taking a small loss on the product, you’ll snag market share in a hurry and can then raise the price. The customers normally keep buying your now-pricier product.9) If you can get a gold mine running, it’s a profit-making machine.10) Oil is a great income-producer. The problem is that you only make the big $$ by selling it to your competitors, who use it to make other products that compete with yours.

$$$***$$$ –> Gives you $100,000,000
???***??? –> Discoveres all the new products for you so
you don’t even need a R&D center.