City of Villains

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Unlock Cap Au Diable Beacon

Get the 5 exploration badges in Cap Au Diable while in SG mode.

Unlock Analyzer Base Defense

Take 20,000,000 points of damage while in SG mode.

Unlock Mook

Find the Washed Up exploration badge in Port Oakes.

Unlock Button Man Gunner

Level up to level 20.

Unlock Longbow Nullifier

Win one match in the Arena.

Unlock Juicer Sniper

Get the Watcher on the Knoll badge in Nerva Archepelago.

Supergroup Badges

Supergroup badges are badges you get for doing certain tasks while in supergoup mode. They unlock items that can then placed in your base. Some need to be crafted, some you can just purchase. SG badge progress is shared by all members of the SG, so to unlock the Analyzer Base Defense for example, you could have 2 members take 10 million points of damage each. To check your SG badge progress, open your badge window and press the “SG Badges” button.

Unlock Wailer

Find the Stone Keeper badge in St. Martial.

Unlock Red Hand

Trap 100 ghosts in Fort Cerberus

Unlock SG Mission Computer

Sidekick/Lackey others while in SG mode for an unknown amount of time(10 hours?)

Unlock Mook Capo

Gotten along with the Stone Cold badge.

Unlock Improved Igniter

Collect 100,000,000 influence while in SG mode. It must be gained, it cannot be traded.

Unlock Night Haunt

Trap 50 ghosts in Fort Cerberus.

Unlock Arachnobot

Gotten along with the Agent of Discord badge.

Unlock Longbow Rifleman

Find the Locked and Loaded badge in Nerva Archepelago.

Unlock Repulsor Base Defense

Pay off 1,000,000 debt while in SG mode.

Unlock Sharkhead Beacon

Get the 4 exploration badges in Sharkhead Isle while in SG mode.

Unlock Mega Moniter Plans

Gather 5 supergroup badges.

Unlock Cobra

Find the Snake Charmer badge in Mercy Island.

Unlock Nebula Elite Buckshot

Level up to level 10.

Unlock St. Martial Beacon

Get the 4 exploration badges in St. Martial while in SG mode.

Unlock Port Oakes Beacon

Get the 4 exploration badges in Port Oakes while in SG mode.

Unlock Fire Thorn Caster

Level up to level 30.

Unlock Mercy Island Beacon

Get the 6 exploration badges in Mercy Island while in SG mode.

Unlock Nerva Beacon

Get the 5 exploration badges in Nerva Archepelago while in SG mode.

Gladiator Badges

Gladiator is a new feature to the Arena in City of Villains, where you unlock and do battle with various NPCs from throughout the game. To unlock them you must do certain things, such as defeat #X of them, gather a certain exploration badge, etc. The name of the badge is the name of the NPC it unlocks.

Unlock Longbow Warden 2

Complete a PvP mission helping your side, and one hindering the enemies.