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Cheat :

Cheat Codes:STEROID- God modeIMPUMPD-All weaponsIMSTUCK- Go to next levelMAXMEUP- Strength increase to 100%TOTLPWR- Health increase to 100%AUTEM#- Go to # (Level number)URDEAD#- Gives you the gun (# of gun)

Actions: Results:

STEROID –> Invincibility
IMPUMPD –> All weapons
URDEAD# –> Get that weapon (# is a digit number)
TOTLPWR –> Main energy 100%
MAXMEUP –> Hull 100%
AUNTEM# –> This warps the player to planet 1-8
IMSTUCK –> Skip mission & goes to next planet
FRAMEIT –> FPS counter