Batman: The Caped Crusader

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Walkthrough :

´THE BATCAVE´ Collect the following items : – Batrang – Handgranade – Key – Police BadgeExit the Batcave.´THE CITY SLEEPS´ Walk right. When you meet the copper, show him your badge.Keep on going right and get the rope. Now walk left 10 screens and go up thestairs. Get the torch. Climb back down and walk right 2 screens. Go up andwalk to ´THE WAREHOUSE´. Here, use the key and enter.Inside, walk left 2 screens, then go down one. Now walk right one and standabove the elevator. Use the rope and climb down. Below, walk left 2 screensand get the elevator key.Walk back to the lift again and walk thru the right door. Now go 2 screensto the right, 1 up, 1 left and again one up. Use the torch.Go right, until you find a door down and enter it.Go left, down and left again. Get the dart. Now go back to the elevator anduse the key.When you are up, walk through the door, 3 screens right, up and 2 screensright. At ´SHADOWS EVERYWHERE´, enter the door and use the dart.You´ll receive a pass. Go outside, down and walk to the door with the text´A CLUE … PASS IT ON´.Use the pass and enter the door.Walk left as far as you can, go thru the door and get the key. Leave the roomand walk right. Enter the door to the back and walk left until you get to´PICTURE THIS´.Go down, then left until you find a door with stairs near it and enter thedoor. Go right one screen, to the front, right again and to the front, now2 to the right and to the front, right one and back, left one and back.Now, go 1 right and open the door with your key.Go thru the door and right 1 screen and take the virus disk. Go outside againand walk right 1 screen. Enter the door. Walk left twice and go thru thedoor. Finally, go right once and insert the virus disk into the computer. <<<<<<<>>>>>>>