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Project Eden

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In the immersive world of ‘Project Eden’, players are transported to a futuristic city where they must navigate through a complex maze of challenges and mysteries. As a member of an elite team of operatives, you are tasked with investigating the disappearance of an entire population in the towering megastructures of the city.

With stunning graphics and a gripping storyline, ‘Project Eden’ offers a unique blend of action, exploration, and puzzle-solving. Players must work together to uncover the truth behind the mysterious events that have unfolded in this dystopian world.

As you delve deeper into the dark and twisted secrets of ‘Project Eden’, you will encounter a variety of obstacles and enemies that will test your skills and strategic thinking. Can you unravel the mysteries of this enigmatic city and save its lost inhabitants? The fate of ‘Project Eden’ lies in your hands.

Project Eden Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

Project Eden Cheat Code for PC add -cheat to the end of the Project Eden start up fileexample: C:ProjectEdenEden.exe -cheatOnce in game click right mouse button to bring up menu. Click on the ! inside the triangle in the bottom right corner of the screen to use the cheats. Some of the cheats require you to turn them on for each of the four characters and some can be turned on once for the entire team.

Cheat mode:
Start the game with the “-cheat” command line parameter. Press the
“Right Mouse Button”
during game play to display the operational menu.
Click on the exclamation point at the lower right part of the screen.
You will now be able to edit entries for any character.