Avencast : Rise Of The Mage

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Use All Skills

Edit the game.cfg file and change or add the following line: AllCombos = 1 You can now use all skills without learning them regardless of level requirement.

Console Cheats

After enabling the console, press ; (semi-colon) while playing and then type any of the following cheat codes:

cheat(“advance”,amount)Add Advancement Points
cheat (“strength”,amount)Add Blood Magic
cheat(“experience”,amount)Add Experience
cheat (“spell”,amount)Add Soul Magic
SetMoveSpd(mc_ID,amount)Change Movement Speed
CoverMap()Cover Map
ExportHero(“name”)Export Hero
cheat(“health”)Full Health (Revive Dead)
cheat(“mana”)Full Mana
AddGold(mc_ID,amount)Give Guilders
SetImmortal(mc_ID,0)God Mode Off
SetImmortal(mc_ID,1)God Mode On
ImportHero(“name”)Import Hero
UncoverMap()Reveal Map

Debug Mode Cheats

After enabling the debug cheats, you can now use the following keys in game:

F7Instant Level Up
9Toggle GUI
0Toggle Red Lines
F8Wireframe Mode

Cheat mode

Open the game.cfg file from your installation folder with Notepad. Change the line that says: Debug = 0toDebug = 1 Also, to enable the cheat console, add the following line to the game.cfg file: AllowConsole=1