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Blaze and Blade : Eternal Quest

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This is a very tricky part. The items in the game are like 403. That makes it quite difficult to write them all down but I will try to make this as complete as possible but it’ll take LOTS of time. (I cannot guarantee that everything’s 100% correct but I think it’s close). Some items have a “?” that means I haven’t found that weapon but it exists and some items I simply don’t know what they do or I’ve forgotten what they do.
Flame Sword – 32 At, 10 Fire.
Trueheart – 15 At.
Bandit Dagger – 26 At.
Golden Harp – 36 At.
Flamespitter – 60 At, 22 Fire.
Silver Sword – 28 At.
Poison Axe – 52 At, 8 Earth, Poisonous.
Cat’s Claw – 21 At, Curses.
Frost Axe – ?
Fenris – ?
Wand of the Ancients – 50 At.
Magic Wand – 27 At.
Silver Rapier – 32 At.
Silver Rod – 28 At, 12 Holiness.
Frostfurnace – 65 At, 18 Water.
Mithril Rapier – 40 At.
Solitaire – 60 At, 12 Evil.
Pure Wand – 16 At.
Wyvernstooth Rapier – 20 At.
Wind Rod – 56 At, 12 Wind.
Battle Axe – 20 At.
Wish Hammer – ?
Skystone Wand – 40 At.
Blood Dagger – 42 At, 10 Evil.
Crystal Wand – ?
Chaos Rapier – ?
Rhinocerus Rod – ?
Ritual Hammer – 40 At.
Healing potion – Heals single unit.
Empress’ Perfume – Restores Hp and Mp.
Gray Ash – Increases Agility.
Blood Pen – Increaes magic recovery.
Fortune Clock – Activates Quick.
Fate Coin – Changes luck.
Fairy Powder – Activates Anti-Circle.
Miracle Powder – Resurrect the dead.
Life Potion – Restores Hp to party.
Elixir – Fully restores Hp and Mp.
Ice Jewel – Activates Freeze Beast.
Earth Jewel – Activates Poison Cloud.
Wind Jewel – ?
Material Magic – Strengthens weapon.
Material Flame – Adds Fire attr.
Material Earth – Adds Earth attr.
Material Wind – Adds Wind attr.
Material Water – Adds Water attr.
Material Light – Adds Light attr.
Material Dark – Adds Darkness attr.
Material Holiness – Adds Holiness attr.
Material Evil – Adds Evli attr.
Ambrosia – Resurrection.
Judge’s Scale – Call Angel.
Frost Orb – Activates Freeze Beast.
Elemental Orb – Summons Elemental.
Crystal orb – Fully restores Hp to party.
Light orb – Activates Shining.
Jewel Box – Holder gains fame. (? ? ?)
Herbal Candy – A strange tasting candy. (? ? ?)
Rope of Return – Activates Teleport.
Wings of Seraphim – Restoration of life.
Elemental Ring – ?
Bronze Medal – Increases defense.
Silver Medal – Increases defense.
Gold Medal – Increase defense.
Protect Ring – 16 Df.
Resist Ring – Resistance to magic.
Ringnail – ?
Blessed Ring – 8 Df & At, 4 Holiness.
Jewel Ring – Adds 20 Luck.
Dropneal – Brings wealth to the bearer.
Water Necklace – 24 Water.
Earth Necklace – 24 Earth.
Holy Necklace – 24 Holiness.
Dark Necklace – 24 Darkness.
Fool’s Puppet – Has mysterious powers.
Knight’s Banner – A flag.
Magic Pentagram – Quickens magic incantations.
Jewel Brooch – ?
Witch’s Hat – ?
Spring Cape – 6 Df, 5 Earth.
Winter Cape – 6 Df, 5 Water.
Dancing Doll – ?
Silver Anklet – 4 Df.
Princess Locket – ?
Cross – 10 Holiness.
Thieves’ Cloak – 12 Df.
Crusader Cloak – 5 At, 15 Df.
Leather Cloak – 8 Df.
Resist Cloak – 12 Df.
Reflector Ring – Guards/Reflects magic.
Talisman – Quickens magic recovery.
Healing Amulet – Heals the body constantly.
Dominion Feather – ?
Sol Crown – Old crown of a ancient powerful king.
Fine Scarf – ?
Aqua Shawl – 20 Water.
Blue Ear-Stud – ?
Light Amulet – 10 Light.
Power Symbol – 8 Fire.
Symbol of Darkness – 8 Darkness.
Dragon Amulet – 16 Df & At.
Star Tiara – ?
Earth Tiara – ?
Renugeton – Knowledge of demons.
Earth Shield – 18 Df, 8 Earth.
Ice Shield – 18 Df, 8 Water.
Silver Armor – 42 Df.
Fine Shield – 18 Df.
Full plate – 33 Df.
Knight Shield – 10 Df.
Knight’s Gauntlests – ?
Guardian Robe – ?
Strong Gloves – ?
Dark Shield – ?
Elemental Shield – 97 Df.
Bishop’s Robe – 24 Df, 8 Holiness.
Queen’s Robe – 32 Df.
Robe of the Elder – ?
Holy Robe – 60 Df, 30 Holiness.
Robe of Spirits – 72 Df.
Fine Robe – 8 Df.
Fine Leather – 14 Df.
Reflector – 66 Df.
Life Shield – 76 Df, 15 Holiness.
Healing Robe – 39 Df, 3 Water.
Robe of Sorcery – 24 Df, 5 Darkness.
Fata Morgana Arm – ?
Fine Boots – 4 Df.
Elven Boots – 12 Df, Resistance to Sleep.
Runic Shield – 60 Df.
Rune Gloves – 12 At, 6 Df.
Lavender – Restores HP.
Sage – Restores MP.
Ironsage – Removes Poison Condition.
Heavensage – Removes Paralyzation Condition.
Fennel – Removes Petrification Condition.
Hyssop – Removes Madness Condition.
Belladonna – Removes Curse Condition.


Walkthrough/FAQ for Blaze & Blade: Eternal Quest 1.0


Here are some hints you might wanna have in mind while playing BB.EQ.
01. If you find Fate Coins, collect them. You might wanna use them later on.
02. Each character can only hold about 12 items except items like healing potion which you can stock unlimited. If you find a sword and it’s better than the one before you should throw the old one away to save space. Remember to use the Stock Box at the Inn. It’s very useful.
03. Explore everything and go often to the same place after you’ve finished it. You can get new items in the chests.
04. To get your characters up in levels fast, go to some places which are hard to finish. You’ll know ‘cause they’ll say something like: “This is no place for me.” or “Maybe I should come back later.”. Then find something to kill and stay on the same place for some time and kill demons. You’ll find out that hard demons give experience crystals that make your characters strong fast.
05. Read all the signs. Sometimes the sign has a hidden spell or something else that’s important. Read everything.

-About this FAQ-

I wrote this FAQ because I did not find anything about this game on the net that actually helped me. I did not find anything at all that helped me. That’s why I wrote this so someone might be able to get some help with the game. I don’t write a step to step walkthrough of the levels. I only write what bosses are on the levels (their names and toughness etc) and explain tricky parts if there are any and explain the level a bit. I write what characters are good to have when you explore the level. Bosses’ difficulty is explained as easiest-easy-average-hard-hardest. The HP’s of the Bosses are NOT precise. It’s just what I’d think they have. This FAQ is written the way I thought the levels were and so on. Hope you’ll find something helpful.


This FAQ/Walkthough was written by Winter (That’s my name actually). Please do not take credit for this FAQ as you did not write it. It took me many hours of work to do this as well as I could and I intend to do more. Otherwise use as you like. Please send me comments and anything that comes to mind. I would appreciate all help I can get and if you send me any info, I’ll give you credit and mention you in this section. Again, ask about anything in the game and I’ll try to answer as well as I can. Thanx,
JF Winter
ecstasy@mi.is (send by:Jan-Fredrik Winter)


Warrior: A really good character if you want to do much damage. Can use a shield.
Dwarf: Also a good character, equal to the warrior except the dwarf can crush rocks.
Elf: Nice spells and attack. Very good to be able to break seals.
Fairy: Not much of a fighter but has nice spells. Can make demons mute, confused etc. The fairy always levitates so lava, poisonous ground etc can’t harm the fairy.
Sorcerer/ess: OK fighter but the spells are better. Very destructive if you use them against the right sort of demons e.g. a fire spell against a water demon.
Priest/ess: Not much of a fighter but is a must character because of it’s healing and undead spells. The only character who has good spell to fight the undead.
Hunter: Definitely the worst character. Has no use at all. Ok the hunter can use herbs but what’s the point? You can find so much better things to use instead of herbs. The only plus about the hunter is that he can shoot flying demons. The hunter is supposed to be able to find secret animal tracks. Honestly the hunter is never needed.
Rogue: A very nice character. Doesn’t have so much strength but can unlock doors to hidden treasures or shortcuts. The Rogue can also sprint and disarm traps on jewel boxes.
If you want to have most of the skills available, select for your party an elf, rogue, dwarf and priestess. Then you’ll have a strong character like the warrior, magic like the sorcerer, seal, lock and stone breaking ability and healing magic. It’s a very nice combination.


Here is a listing of spells, their MP use and name.
Sorcerer/ess: (Offensive Spells)
Fire Bullet – 2 Mp
Spark Bullet – 4 Mp
Water Bullet – 3 Mp
Stone Bullet – 6 Mp
Striking – 10 Mp
Light Bolt – 8 Mp
Dark Wave – 10 Mp
Smash – 8 Mp
Magic Missile – 12 Mp
Enchant Weapon – 15 Mp
Blaze – 16 Mp
Lightning Bolt – 16 Mp
Blizzard – 16 Mp
Poison Cloud – 20 Mp
Extend Spell – 32 Mp
Magic Ray – 24 Mp
Shining – 40 Mp
Dark Breath – 38 Mp
Dispell Magic – 40 Mp
Petrification – 38 Mp
Explosion – 45 Mp
Thunderbolt – 45 Mp
Freeze Beast – 30 Mp
Earth Javelin – 45 Mp
Death Spell – 60 Mp
Teleport – 80 Mp
Chaos Rage/Flare – 96 Mp (Found in The Labyrinth of the Dead)
? – ?
? – ?
Elf: (Offensive Spells)
Fire Bullet – 2 Mp
Spark Bullet – 4 Mp
Water Bullet – 3 Mp
Stone Bullet – 6 Mp
Striking – 10 Mp
Light Bolt – 8 Mp
Dark Wave – 10 Mp
Smash – 8 Mp
Magic Missile – 12 Mp
Enchant Weapon – 15 Mp
Blaze – 16 Mp
Lightning Bolt – 16 Mp
Blizzard – 16 Mp
Poison Cloud – 20 Mp
Extend Spell – 32 Mp
Magic Ray – 24 Mp
Shining – 40 Mp
Dark Breath – 38 Mp
Dispell Magic – 40 Mp
Petrification – 38 Mp
Priest/ess: (Healing and Holy Spells)
Turn Undead – 0 Mp
Healing – 12 Mp
Protection – 8 Mp
Resist – 8 Mp
Detect Align – 2 Mp
Refresh – 42 Mp
Detect Enemies – 2 Mp
Anti-Poison – 16 Mp
Anti-Paralysis – 16 Mp
Anti-Feeble – 16 Mp
Sanity – 16 Mp
Restore – 40 Mp
Barrier – 22 Mp
Resist Field – 22 Mp
Stone Flesh – 26 Mp
Requiem – 10 Mp
Holy Word – 60 Mp
Remove Curse – 40 Mp
Remove Silence – 40 Mp
Regeneration – 86 Mp
Resurrection – 62 Mp
Recover Energy – 39 Mp
Reincarnation – 100 Mp (Found at The Ruins in the Lake)
? – ?
Fairy: (Supplementary Spells)
Sleep – 2 Mp
Slow – 2 Mp
Haste – 2 Mp
Enchant Fire – 16 Mp
Enchant Earth – 16 Mp
Enchant Wind – 16 Mp
Enchant Water – 16 Mp
Charm – 8 Mp
Silence – 8 Mp
Magic Shield – 12 Mp
Levitate – 30 Mp
Shield – 12 Mp
Heavy Slow – 40 Mp
Quick – 40 Mp
Invincible – 60 Mp
Anti-Circle – 80 Mp
? – ?
? – ?
? – ?


The levels are listed with the first part of the level items in blue and the second part in red. The first name of a boss is the first boss to appear.
The Wood of Ruins
Bosses: The OwlBear – Easiest (ca 100 Hp)
Behemoth – Average/Hard (ca 2500 Hp)
Characters: No special characters.
Items: Boathouse Key, Splendid Key, Testing Daggers, Key to the Clearing, Cellar Key, Test Founder’s Key.
The Wood of Ruins is first level and also the easiest. You just walk around killing demons until you get to the Woodcutter’s Cabin where you have to kill the OwlBear. From the woods to continue to the Ruins but you have nothing to do there before you have got at least four Sagestone Gems. There are four statues around the ruins which you have turn until the eyes light up then enter the ruins and use the teleporter. From there on you just continue until you reach Behemoth and then kill him to get a Gem.
The Abandoned Mine
Bosses: Baby Dragon – Easy (ca 300 Hp)
The Troll – Easy/Average
Characters: Dwarf, Fairy.
Items: Flask, Glow Moss, Water, Black Key.
The mine is not a very difficult level it’s just a very long one. It has about ten underground levels. There is nothing tricky in the mine. Just fight your way to the Baby Dragon and then use the elevator to get up again. When you’ve got at least four Sagestone Gems you can break the barrier which is close to the Baby Dragon and continue your way until you can kill the Troll. The mine is a just a package full of treasures.
The Ancient Tower/The Old Palace
Bosses: Dark Elf – Easy (ca 400 Hp)
Dark Elf with Dragon – Easy
Dark Wizard – Easy/Average
Characters: Rogue, Elf.
Items: The Great Key, 4x Gate Crystals.
To get rid of the barriers you have to open the windows and then place the eight crystals in the sunlight to break the barriers. The next thing to do is to throw all of the switches marked A-D and activate the bridge. Now it depends on if you have both a rogue and elf. If you have them you can break the seal on one door and then unlock the next door with the rogue. When you get to the place where it syas that the teleporter stops working precisily at a certain light brightness there will be a tricky part. Activate the crystal. You now will have opened before a door by setting a thing into gear. This thing is what makes the teleporter stop working, so… close the door and go out the other way. Now the teleporter works. The Tower is very long but you should be able to finish it and the Crystal Maze is not hard at all. The Gate Crystals are all at the same place and you get to items as well.
The Labyrinth of the Dead
Bosses: Durahan – Average
The Lord of the Undead – Average/Hard (1500 Hp)
Characters: Rogue, Sorcerer/ess.
Items: Control Room Key, Storage Rom Key, Altar Crusifix, Golden Key, Sigil Key, Bone Sigil.
The Labyrinth is a really long level. Jumping back and forth but it’s not really so hard to complete. At some point you’ll come to a place where there are trap doors on the ground and if you fall into them there is a secret door in the wall. Also when you’ve killed the Lord you better check out the chest in one of the rooms before you leave. You will find the Bone Sigil in the chest which opens the door in the very beginning of the level plus you’ll find the formula for Chaos Rage.
The Palace of the Immortals
Bosses: The Wolf and Tiger – Easy
Vampire Lord – Easy/Average (900 Hp)
Characters: Rogue, Elf.
Items: Control Lever, Copper Key, Silver Key, Bronze Key, Golden Key, Star Key, Moon Key, Black Crusifix, Guest Room Key, Theater Room Key, The Iron Book, Bat Medallion, Tiger Medallion, Wolf Medallion, Ritual Elexier, Water, Purple Gem. (In order to get the purple gem you must first have the red and blue gem), Blue, Red, Black and White Dragon Key, Iron Staff, Bat Gem, Cell Key.
This is not such a hard place, it just takes time. You go running around looking for keys to open a door and find another key and so on. But you can some nice items on the way though. The only tricky part here is first to fill the grand flask with water and put out a fireplace and then to put out the next fireplace you’ll need the investigate the paintings on the wall. Here you will also need at least six Sagestone Gems to continue.
The Ruins in the Lake
Bosses: Kraken – Average
Characters: Priest/ess
Items: None
Here you’ll want to have a priest/ess with you. When you have defeated Kraken, there is a tablet which no one can read… except a priest/ess. On the tablet you’ll find the spell formula for Reincarnation. Remember to check out the chests that appear after you kill Kraken. They are some worth a fortune. I found the Elemental Shield that made the Expert go nuts. It was worth about 7500 Gels.
The Ancient Ruins
Nothing of interest yet found. You can fight yourself here and read tablets. If anyone knows of anything to do, please let me know.
The Mountain of the Fire Dragon
Bosses: The Fire Dragon – Hardest (ca 10000 Hp)
Characters: No special characters.
Items: None.
Here just go find the dragon and he’ll most likely kill you straight away. I didn’t believe at first how strong he is but his “fire breath type spell” takes out 100 HP for each hit so be prepared. But when you KILL him expect a really nice reward.
The Valley of White Silver
Bosses: The Demon Griffin – Average (1000 Hp)
Characters: No special characters.
Items: None
This is just a place to test your skills. Find the griffin and kill him. He is not so easy to kill if you go straight away to him when you’ve found the place. He has very destructive spells.
The Sealed Cave
Bosses: None yet.
Characters: Dwarf.
Items: None yet.
I haven’t finished this part yet.

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