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Garfield: Caught In The Act

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Garfield: Caught In The Act is a delightful and entertaining game that brings everyone’s favorite lasagna-loving cat to life on the PC. Join Garfield as he embarks on a hilarious adventure filled with mischief and mayhem.

In this action-packed platformer, players will guide Garfield through a series of challenging levels as he tries to escape from being caught in the act of his mischievous deeds. From dodging enemies to solving puzzles, there is never a dull moment in Garfield’s world.

With vibrant graphics, catchy music, and engaging gameplay, Garfield: Caught In The Act is a must-play for fans of the iconic comic strip character. So grab your favorite snack, sit back, and get ready to help Garfield navigate his way through this wacky and wild adventure.

Garfield: Caught In The Act Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

Level Name Password 2: The Curse of Cleofatra: Garfield, Odie, Irma 3: Count Slobula’s Castle: Chicken, Jon, Pooky 4: The Revenge of Orange Beard 1: Monster, Arlene, Mouse 5: The Revenge of Orange Beard 2: Odie, Pooky, Arlene 6: Catsablanca: Jon, Irma, Garfield 7: Alien Landscape: Mouse, Chicken, Monster Glitch: Invincibility:After entering the multi-command, pause the game, then press [Jump]. Now you can do anything but die or kill. To get out of this state, press [Shoot].

Cheat mode:
Press “Pause” during game play, then press “Jump“. You can now move freely
around the current level without taking damage. Press “Throw” to return to

Level select:
Enter “Arlene, Arlene, Arlene” as a password. A level selection menu will
appear at the top of the screen.

Level Name Password
2 The Curse of Cleofatra Garfield, Odie, Irma
3 Count Slobula’s Castle Chicken, Jon, Pooky
4 The Revenge of Orange Beard 1 Monster, Arlene, Mouse
5 The Revenge of Orange Beard 2 Odie, Pooky, Arlene
6 Catsablanca Jon, Irma, Garfield
7 Alien Landscape Mouse, Chicken, Monster