Game Boy Advance

Yu Yu Hakusho : Spirit Detective

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Mini-game room

Win tournament mode as Genkai.

Escape while fightning Inmaki
Switch to Hiei, go to the left side of the wall, and use the Teleport or Teleslash ability.

Teleport onto roofs

Play with Hiei and use his teleport ability on the sides of buildings and he will teleport to the roof above them.

Play as Genkai

After you defeat Toguro for the final time with Kuwabara, Rando and Suzaku fight you. After you defeat them, Tarukane will fight you. He is very easy to defeat. After you defeat him, you can play as Genkai in tournament mode.

Unlock Mini Game Room

Beat the Tournament with Genkai

Unlock Tugoro Brothers

Complete the game with every character ten times.