World Cup ’98

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Just like FIFA98:RTWC, change the players’ name to one of the cheat codes and press enter. After entering all the cheat codes, press back to undo the changes so that player’s real name is not changed. Now go back to the main menu and press Scroll lock to activate the cheat menu. Cheat Codes: Zico = Enable 1982 Classic Match
Hurst = Enable ’82,’74,’70,’66 Classic Match
Kenny = Flaming Ball –
Gabo = Big heads
Kyle = Skeleton players
Cartman = Take a dive
Gonzo = Hot potato
Mr Hat = Crazy Ball
Powder = Silly Moves
Neila = Alien Mode
Controls for World Cup 98 OFFENSE : When in possession of ball
Lob : A Key
Pass : S Key
Shot : D Key
Sprint : W Key
Through pass : E Key
Avoid tackle : Q Key
Roll ball to the side : Control/Alt Key(left/right) + S
Spin over ball : Control/Alt Key(left/right) + D
Fake a Foul : Control/Alt Key(left/right) + Q
Double fake : Alt Key + E
Knock the ball forward a few feet with heel : Control Key + E
Turn around, lift ball, and bring it over defender: Alt Key + A
Old-fashioned rainbow :Control Key + A
Fake one way, go another way :Hold Alt + Arrow Keys
Lob over goalie :Double-tap A
Low Shot: Double-tap D
Through pass :Ctrl+Alt+S
Pass to a specified player (white circle around him) :Ctrl+Alt+W (must change directions)
IGM toggle: Space bar
OFFENSE : When ball is in air
Header ball at goal : D
Header ball to teammate : A
Volley, scissor kick : Double-tap and hold d
Bicycle Kick : Double-tap and hold d +press left/right for bicycle kick
OFFENSE : When Goalie has ball
Kick : D
Throw Ball : S or A
Lets go of Ball: W
OFFENSE : Passback Mode
Initiate Mode(only need to press once to start mode) : F
Return Pass : S
Shot : D
Return Through Pass: E
Cancel Mode: Q
Slide tackle: A Key
Swirch player: S Key
(Tackle): D Key
Sprint: W Key
Intentional Foul: Q Key
tns: Space bar

Cheat mode:

Change a player name to match one of the following names, then press
[Enter] to activate that single cheat option on the cheat menu. You
may restore the name to its original entry after all codes are
entered. Then, press [Scroll Lock] at the main menu to display the
cheat menu with the activate cheat options.

Effect Code

1982 classic match Zico
1982, 1974, 1970, 1966 classic matches Hurst
Flaming ball Kenny
Big heads Gabo
Skeleton players Kyle
Take a dive Cartman
Hot potato mode Gonzo
Crazy ball mode Mr Hat
Silly moves Powder
Alien mode Neila