Star Wars: Droid Works

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Code – Result

beem – Fly Mode
gogo – Super Speed
mst3k – Enable All Movies
somoney – Enable All Missions
fitto – All Driod Parts
beefcake – Refill Droid Power
storm – Refill Battery Power
lockandload – Laser Gun
staying alive – God Mode
danke – Full Health
getem – Full Inventory
tardis – Hit Backspace Plus 1-9 to Teleport
UNFO – Debug Mode
tuffy – God Mode
Bravo – Slow Mode

Press [ENTER], type the code, then press [ENTER] again. NOTE: Some cheats are entered from the Options screen and others only during missions.

Cheat mode:
Press “Enter”, type one of the following codes, then press “Enter”
again to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Screen Code
Flight mode Game play beem
Apprentice (highlight mission) Workshop defcon1
Designer (highlight mission) Workshop defcon2
Master Droid builder (highlight mission) Workshop defcon3
Turbo mode Game play gogo
Unlock all FMV sequences Movie option mst3k
Mission select Workshop somoney
All Driod parts Workshop fitto
Refill Droid power Game play beefcake
Console on/off Game play moth
Slow motion Game play bravo
Debug mode Game play unfo
Full health Game play danke
Invincibility Game play tuffy
Full inventory Game play getem
Press”Backspace” to teleport Game play tardis