Wario Land 3

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Rapid Jump & Charge 010093C0
Total Coins Modifier 01??05CA
Musical Coin Modifier 01??5CCA
Key Modifier 01??5BCA
Quantity Digits to Accompany Key Modifier Code
01 – Gray Key
02 – Red Key
03 – Gray & Red Key
04 – Green Key
05 – Gray & Green Key
06 – Red & Green Key
07 – Gray Red & Green Key
08 – Blue Key
09 – Gray & Blue Key
0A – Red & Blue Key
0B – Gray, Red & Blue Key
0C – Green & Blue Key
0D – Gray, Green & Blue Key
0E – Red, Green & Blue Key
0F – All Keys

In-game reset:
Press Start + Select + A + B during game play.

Free Wario Golf play:
Before you enter a Wario Golf game, save the game. Reload the game and enter
the door. If you do badly in Wario Golf, shut the Game Boy Color. Reload the
game and you will be outside the door. Keep repeating this until you win.

Time attack mode:
Successfully complete the game after collecting all 100 treasures.

Extra Golf mini-game course:
Collect each of the eight musical coins in every level, then unlock time attack
mode. Get all seven crayons to unlock a fourth Golf mini-game course between
worlds N and W.